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Return of the upcoming zombie goodness

September 11, 2011

With my painting and gaming slowing down to a trickle, it’s up to the zombies to keep this blog running (no departure from the normal, there). It’s time to yet again take a look at some zombie films that are in the pipeline. Enjoy!

Extinction – the G.M.O. chronicles is another German indie foray into the zombocalypse. The trailer shows surprisingly nice visuals, but the plot, style and characters seem very, very familiar. Lone survivor? Check. Hints of paranoia? Check. Priest talking about the extinction of mankind via divine wrath? Check. Low saturation filter? Check. We’ve even seen the parkour zombies before. Still, I think that indie films deserve all the boost they can get, so I’m more than happy to give Extinction the benefit of the doubt. When it comes to the indie+German+zombies scene, I’ve so far seen a hit and a miss. Let’s hope for more of the former.

Check out the film’s official homepage for more info.

Wataha is a new Polish production, which is as far as I can tell yet another new country giving us a zombie film. I used the awesome powers of Google Translate to deliver you this synopsis:

Near future. The world as we know it on the decline, dominated by the so-called “transformed”. Fourdeserters from the western front travels Europe looking for a safe place. In the great woods stretching for miles, the car refuses to obey [breaks down, I guess. Unless we’re talking about KITT]. Seeking shelter for the night, [they] stumble upon an old forgotten hotel in the middle of the forest, which as it turns [out is] hiding a family. All of them will have to fight against evil, which lies in ourselves.

While the production values seem to be on the low side and the trailer doesn’t seem to deliver anything out of the ordinary, there are touches of East European melancholy there which I always enjoy. My eye will be kept on this one as well.

As an additional treat I present to you #Zombies, a short piece of zombie cinema. It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at how the zombie apocalypse might pan out in today’s social media saturated world. It’s just great.


Walking Dead season 2 trailer

July 26, 2011

What we’ve all been waiting for – except those lucky people who actually were at the San Diego Comic Con – the trailer for the Walking Dead’s second season. See the trailer, then see my short comments below. Or read the comments and then see the trailer. Or..well, yeah.

What did I see? Major deviations from the comic books. This was to be expected, as it was already clear from season one that this is the way to go. Having read the comic books, I really enjoy this. While I’m a fan, I still don’t fancy seeing a shot-for-shot adaptation of the comic. Instead, I want to be surprised and it seems this is exactly what will happen. The trailer looks very interesting, and it looks to me as if the series is being taken back to the grassroots of zombie survival after the (for me) disappointing near sci-fi flirt at the end of season one.

I can safely say I’m waiting for October.


Waiter, another round of upcoming zombie goodness!

July 3, 2011

It’s time for another look at what’s up and coming in the world of zombie (and assorted nasties) cinema.

Death Valley is a new series coming to MTV. Imagine Cops with vampires, zombies and werewolves and a hefty dose of humour. And it looks pretty awesome to boot. See this link for the trailer.

Monster Brawl features zombies only marginally, but it would be a crime against humanity to leave this one without mention. Eight classic monsters in a fighting tournament to the death. If this isn’t cool, what is? If you’re not convinced – and let’s face it, you might not be – see the trailer below and rethink.

More info on the film’s official site.

Dead Genesis

I’ve mentioned Dead Genesis a few times previously. The movie is doing the film festival rounds and has apparently been quite well received. They’ve released the first five minutes of the film, and it’s a pretty good, harrowing watch. Reminds me of the original Night of the Living Dead, which is always a good thing.


Infected might not be the most original title for a zombie film, but to compensate the movie doesn’t seem very original either. Still, it does have Michael Madsen in it, which always gives a film a few extra points. The movie is currently in post production according to iMDb.

Shouf Shouf Zombibi

What’s next? A Dutch zombie comedy? Yes. Not much I can say about this one, but it looks pretty zany! It’s coming out in 2012, according to the official site.

This concludes another episode of Upcoming Zombie Goodness, stay tuned for more!


Zombie goodness, when is it upcoming?

May 4, 2011

I’ve mentioned loads of zombie movies on Dawn of the Lead, diligently bringing them to your attention. It seems that one thing I haven’t been doing (as pointed out by fellow bloggers Sho3box and Vampifan – see links on the right), is following up on them with news on their development. With this I mind, I present to you and episode of Where are they now? featuring all the zombie movies I’ve posted trailers on. They’re in the order I’ve posted them, starting from the oldest entries. You can find the trailers by clicking on the date.

Apocalypse/Zone of the Dead – I posted on this Serbian flick way back on May 5th 2009. That’s almost exactly two years back.  Unfortunately it’s terrible, and I wouldn’t recommend watching it, unless you’re a fan of fairly shoddy, boring and generic zombie movies. The movie is available on dvd.

Rec 2 – This was featured in the same post. The sequel to the Spanish Rec – one of the scariest zombie movies around – is a nice film, although it’s not as good as the first one. Rec 2 is available on dvd.

Doghouse – A piece of British zombie cinema, I reported on Doghouse on June 9th 2009. It’s an excellent blend of comedy and zombie action, and I heartily recommend it. It’s available on dvd.

Zombieland – While it wasn’t quite the classic it was hyped (by yours truly as well, on June 21st 2009) to be, this big budget Hollywood zombie comedy was still a very decent film. It’s available on dvd.

Survival of the Dead – While this movie by George Romero was hotly anticipated, it turned out very unimpressive. I wouldn’t recommend getting it, even if I was a bit excited on August 14th 2009. It’s available on dvd.

Carriers – I reported on this in the same post. It turned out not to be a zombie movie, but rather one about a very dangerous infectious disease. It’s a nice little film, and available on dvd.

ZMD (Zombies of Mass Destruction) – This movie I posted about on September 7th 2009 was hyped as a “political zomedy”. It’s isn’t very good as a zombie flick, nor as a political comedy. It’s available on dvd.

Last of the Living – This low budget Australian zombie comedy (posted on October 15th 2009) was actually a nice surprise. It’s available on dvd.

Zombie virus on Mulberry Street – From the same post. Not a zombie movie per se, but a part of the genre nevertheless, this one features human/rat hybrids. Pretty good, actually, and availableon dvd.

Pontypool – From the same post. Canada’s gift to zombie lovers, Pontypool puts an interesting twist on the genre. The lead character’s voice alone warrants a recommendation, and it’s a nice film to boot. Available on dvd.

La Horde – This action packed French zombies/cops/robbers film is one of my favourites. I posted on it on December 3rd 2009 and later did a full review on it. Get it, it’s available on dvd.

Mutants – From the same post, this is another French title. Mutants, I think, is one of the best zombie movies I’ve ever seen. It features the descent of one man into zombiedom, and his girlfriend’s attempts to help it. Well worth watching and owning. Available on dvd.

Zombies and Cigarettes – From the same post, I can’t believe I actually forgot to follow this Spanish offering. It’s actually a short movie, it’s excellent and you can watch it for free here. I’ll be sure to post a full review later.

E’gad, Zombies! – This is a British short that I posted about on February 6th 2010. It has apparently been winning prizes, and is being turned into a feature length film. I just ordered it and will do a full review later. It’s available on dvd.

The Dead – From the same post. This zombie movie set in Africa, and has been getting great feedback from film festivals. Enough, in fact, to warrant a theatre release in Summer 2011. Can’t wait!

Eaters – Same post. This one from Italy. While film festival reviews say that it’s not bringing much new to the table, it still looks very nice. The official site says “coming in 2011”.

Opstandelsen – Same post. This great looking Danish 50 minute short film is getting its dvd release in Denmark in six days, on May 10th. Excellent news!

Blind Death (Muerte Ciega) – Same post. A low budget flick from Chile. It has completely dropped off the radar. The best I could find was a post on their Facebook page from a fan on December 30th 2010, saying “Wheeeeeeen?”

The 4th Reich – Same post. A British nazi zombie romp, which has apparently been bogged down with pre-production trouble. A February 2011 interview with the director suggests the project is still alive. Good news, since there are never enough nazi zombies.

The Crazies – I posted about this Romero remake on February 13th 2010. It was released and is actually a pretty nice watch, so I recommend getting it. It’s available on dvd.

A Chance in Hell – A New Zealand nazi zombie (yay!) movie I mentioned on April 22nd 2010. Their Facebook page leaves the impression that the movie is alive and iMDb lists the movie as “Completed”. Looking forward to more news.

Toxic Lullaby – This German movie (posted on August 14th 2010) picked up the prize for Best International Horror Feature at the New York International Film Festival in 2010. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m looking to get my hands on it, since it’s available on dvd.

Dead Genesis – A Canadian movie that I mentioned on September 22nd 2010, Dead Genesis has been doing the rounds at film festivals and receiving accolades. The official site says “coming soon to DVD and VOD”.

Re-Kill – A US film of near future SWAT vs zombies action that I posted about on January 29th 2011. It will be available on dvd, and is slated for release on September 26th 2011.

Project Panacea – From the same post. A Russian zombie movie. I had absolutely no idea what’s going on with this one, but with some Google Fu and the assistance of Google Translate I found out on their Russian site that the film is “almost ready” and coming out on June 7th 2011.

Dead Season – I posted about Dead Season on February 17th 2011. This US feature about zombie apocalypse survivors trying to make a living on an island is currently in post-production according to iMDb.

Another World – An Israeli feature from the same post. The official site says the film is in post-production and will be ready for festivals and distribution in the 4th quarter of 2011.

Poisoned – On March 12th 2011 I reported a second Israeli movie! This is a comedy about a gardener in the IDF who must become a hero when it’s zombie time. The movie’s Facebook page says it’s coming out in summer 2011.

Quarantine 2: Terminal – From the same post. A sequel for Quarantine, the US remake of Rec. It’s its own movie, and not a remake of Rec 2. It will be available on dvd on August 15th 2011.

Humans vs Zombies – Same post. This movie spin-off of a popular live action role-playing game of sorts is due for theatre release on June 1st 2011.

Phew, that’s about it. I didn’t even realise I’d written about so many films. I won’t bother to list the latest few movies I’ve posted on, as you can just skip back a few posts. I hope this post’s useful, it was to me at least! And to Sho3box and Vampifan: ask, and you shall receive.


Talk about upcoming zombie goodness

May 1, 2011

It’s time for another instalment of Upcoming zombie goodness. I’m starting to run out of titles for posts like this pretty soon, should’ve just numbered them. Anyhoo, onwards we go!

Incidente is an Argentinian zombie flick coming out in 2011. Borrowing heavily from the likes of Rec and The Blair Witch project, it is a tale of supernatural horror, sporting demons that “wear humans like clothes”. Here’s the synopsis, which I’m sure you’ll find quite familiar:

A Special Division police member finds videotape in the form of an unfinished documentary featuring material of a very dark and strange nature.

Years ago in the Nacan’s Factory, an employee killed 16 workers and finally himself. Investigating police could find no logical explanation for the events, and the case was filed as “Incident” (a designation that police use for cases with no solution, offering no reasonable explanation).

Today cameraman Christian and journalist Romina, along with a crime specialist and a priest, will enter the building to document what really happened that day.

This is the tape of what they discovered.

While it’s not winning any points for originality, the trailer still looks very nice, and Incidente might just be a nice little addition to the genre. As always, it’s great to see another country joining in the whole zombie movie thing.

Meteletsa – Winter of the Dead

Speaking of international zombie productions, Meteletsa is the first feature length Russian zombie film. Here’s the blurb from the movie’s Facebook page:

Russian Winter is a terrible thing…… especially if it arrives in mid-July.

“Along the street a snowstorm sweeps, behind the snowstorm … something ghastly creeps!”

Konstantin – a Moscow journalist, hides from the onslaught with the daughter of a local tycoon in a hardware store. Captain Igor Knyazev kranks up the only working tank, whilst his lover, Dasha is running away from her angry husband, who has learned of the pair’s betrayal, and wants revenge, regardless of the weather …
Faced with horrifyingly gripping news material, a dedicated cameraman, Vlad, captures the strange events on video as priest Father Michael gets out his trusty axe …

Out amidst the icy storm, something raises its hideous head – a Russian zombie – senseless and merciless!

The film shows decent production values albeit with a fairly hefty reliance on CGI. There’s a lot of promise here, I think. I’ve always been fond of hearing spoken Russian, so the film gets thumbs up from me.


Stone’s War – finally?

April 11, 2011

Regular readers know how much I’ve lamented Finland’s poor track record when it comes to zombie films. Quite frankly there are none to speak of. There was one, called Stone’s War (or War of the Dead) which seemed promising. It featured a frontline Finnish cast with some talented young actors, as well as WW2 zombies, which may or may not be of the nazi variety. This was in 2009. Time went by, and the occasional piece of news drifted in. News of production difficulties, financers backing away from the project and so on. The film seemed forever lost in that dreadful, dreadful place – post-production hell.

It seems the movie might be coming out after all. This from

After five long years of production and legal problems, the word is that Marko Mäkilaakso’s World War II action/zombie flick, now once again known as War of the Dead – formerly ‘Stone’s War,’ and formerly before that (stay with us here) know as ‘War of the Dead’ – has finished post production, and will be looking for a release this year. Better late than never eh.

Synopsis: Captain Martin Stone is leading a finely-trained, elite platoon of American and Finnish soldiers as they attack an enemy bunker. Underestimating their enemy’s strength, they are quickly beaten back into the forest. As they try to regroup, they are suddenly attacked by the same soldiers they had just killed a few minutes earlier. Forced to flee deeper into Russian territory, they discover one of war’s most terrifying secrets and realize they have woken up a far more deadly enemy.

Now, I dont’ care if the movie turns out to be rubbish and the plot is silly. For an actual zombie movie to be made here, in Europe’s trendiest backwater, is joy enough in itself. There’s a trailer below, although I suggest you turn off the sounds – someone’s been clever enough to add the music from Requiem for a dream, which you must’ve heard about six million times in trailers already. I know I’m pretty sick of it.

Here’s to hoping that the movie finally happens.

Update May 29th 2011 – DotL reader Tony reports the following:

The director Marko Mäkilaakso has confirmed in Facebook that the movie is now completed and ready to be delivered to all distributors. Release dates for each territory is yet still unconfirmed.

Thank for the heads up, Tony!


Play Dead

April 6, 2011

Every now and then, and all too rarely,  a movie comes along that looks at the zombie apocalypse scenario from a new point of view. In a genre that’s known for endlessly reproducing much of the same tropes and plotlines, a breath of fresh air is welcome. This tends to happen more often in short films, where the financial investment isn’t so big so as to force the film makers to avoid risks. A good example of this is I love Sarah Jane, which shows the whole thing from the point of view of children. And now along comes Play Dead.

The movie takes a whole new perspective on the undead catastrophe: that of pet dogs. Initially this sounds silly and cheesy, but give it a second thought. Dog (and other pet) movies tend to touch people on a different level than those dealing with only humans. Pets in movies often elicit much stronger emotional responses in movies than human characters. Remember Jones the cat in Alien? Who cares about the crew, when there’s the chance of the cat getting killed? What about the poor sled dogs in The Thing? The dog in the Dawn of the Dead remake? The horse in The Walking Dead? Tell me you haven’t watched those movies and felt more sorry for the animals than the human actors. What about movies like Homeward bound, Turner and Hooch, or other similar tear jerkers? Pets in movies are a much overlooked aspect, often replaced by children who are much more annoying.

The responses to the concept of Play Dead have reflected this. “Who would make such a movie?” “If there are dogs killed, I’m never going to see this.” “This kind of stuff is why I hated I Am Legend!” and so forth. To me it’s a whole another story. While I’ve become something of a dog person lately, I’m always looking for a zombie movie that would really touch me. Far too often you can’t relate to the protagonists, as they’re either too heroic or simply tiresome. Animals? Much easier to relate to, since there’s no dialogue nor bad acting. Play Dead might just be the first zombie flick ever to possibly make me squeeze out a few tears.

The producers are looking for funding for their project. They’re still a few hundred USD short, so I call upon the readers of DotL to lend them a hand. I pitched in $10, which entitles me to a pre-screening copy and additional goodies. You can donate to the project via Kickstarter, where you can also get more information on the film. Do donate, if only for the sake of supporting film makers brave enough to try something new with the genre. Oh, incidentally the movie looks excellent too. Don’t take my word for it, see the trailer below.


It’s zombie goodness and it’s upcoming

March 30, 2011

Two completely different kinds of movie presented in this post.

Dark Souls is a Norwegian horror film. While not perhaps a traditional take on the zombie film, there are nevertheless familiar elements there for it to find its way here. Here’s the synopsis:

A young girl, Johanna, is attacked and seemingly murdered. Her father receives a phone call from the police pronouncing her dead as he sees her walk in the front door of their house. Strange things begin to happen to Johanna, she is disorientated and becomes pale and unresponsive. Similar attacks begin to happen and Johanna’s father takes it on himself to find out the truth. He embarks on a dark thrill ride of lost memories, conspiracy and zombie-like symptoms. Finding the mysterious darkness within is the source of the bizarre world he has uncovered.

Being Finnish, I like Scandinavian movies a whole lot. The familiar-looking locations bring that feeling of “this could happen to me” which makes horror movies twice as effective. Dark Souls looks impressive, and I’ll definitely need to check it out.

See the movie’s official site for more information.

The next movie is a whole another story. Bong of the Dead apparently carries the torch passed on by Braindead (or Dead Alive, as it’s known to some). Silly humour, blood and guts, low budget are the key concepts here. I’m not usually much of a fan of films like this, but somehow the trailer managed to win me over. It’s also a testament to the tools available to budding film makers these days, as it looks pretty nice considering its $5000 budget. The synopsis is just..yeah.

Edwin and Tommy are two stoner buddies who are lone survivors of a mass zombie outbreak caused by meteorites. One day they discover a great zombie fertilizer that helps grow super potent pot. The problem is since the government has cleared out many of the major cities, there are no longer any zombies where they live. In order for them to get more zombies for fertilizer, they must go on a road trip to the “Danger Zone” where they hope to find and gather as many zombies as possible for their brains. Along the way they get captured by an evil flamboyantly gay Zombie named Alex who has a plot to organize an army of the undead in order to take over the world. Once they escape his clutches, they team up with Leah Kroaker, another lone survivor who has spent the past year of her life since the outbreak tinkering and building things on her farm. She joins the boys and builds the ultimate zombie killing machine in order to help them on their quest.

And here’s the trailer, pretty much matching the synopsis:

Find out more at


Yet another batch of upcoming zombie goodness

March 12, 2011

Time for another look at what’s cooking in the world of zombie cinema!

I’m going to kick it off with a trailer for Quarantine 2. I admit that I haven’t seen the first one. I didn’t really have an urge to, having seen [REC] so many times. [REC] 2 was a bit of a disappointment, and I’m happy to see Quarantine 2 not following the re-make path. All in all the setup looks pretty interesting, although why oh why do they have to recycle a lot of the stuff from the first film? Even the trailer gave me a strong déjà vu vibe.

Next up is Humans vs Zombies (which they for good knows what reason insist on writing HUMANSVSZOMBIES, whereas I have my dignity). Apparently Humans vs Zombies is a moderated game of tag played at universities, and it seems to be gaining popularity – read more here. The game seems to have spawned a live action movie as well, which looks surprisingly promising judging from the first teaser. Some more information can be found at the movie’s official site.

Good zombie comedies are few and far between. As are Israeli zombie movies. What fun it was, then, to discover Poisoned, an Israeli zombie comedy. The movie seems to be the story of a lovestruck young man in the IDF during a zombie catastrophe. This movie seems great, plain and simple. And yes, I repeat: ISRAELI ZOMBIE COMEDY. That’s reason alone to see it. Not to mention the male lead character, who seems like an excellent anti-hero type.

That’s a pretty nice trio of films to wait for, don’t you think?


Zombie goodness? Upcoming? Right here!

February 17, 2011

It’s time for another look at what’s in store for us zombie lovers in the near future, and boy, there are some greats!

First up is Dead Season. It looks like a grown-up zombie movie, with nice looking production. In other words, it doesn’t look cheap and shoddy. I’m usually a fan of zombie flicks with a more adult take on the subject matter, so this looks very interesting. See the official site for more info.

The next one is Another World, a zombie movie from Israel. It’s great to see this love of ours spread into different countries, even if the movie doesn’t look like it’s bringing a lot of new content to the world of zombies. Looks decent nonetheless.

I’ve saved the best for last. This is a trailer for Dead Island, a video game of zombie survival horror. The video is beautiful, touching and haunting at the same time, and certainly raises expectations for the game very very high. Let’s just hope that the actual game can meet them. The CGI is just stunning, this is what the dire Resident Evil CGI romps should’ve/could’ve been. The official site is under construction at the moment.

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