Walking Dead season 2 trailer

July 26, 2011

What we’ve all been waiting for – except those lucky people who actually were at the San Diego Comic Con – the trailer for the Walking Dead’s second season. See the trailer, then see my short comments below. Or read the comments and then see the trailer. Or..well, yeah.

What did I see? Major deviations from the comic books. This was to be expected, as it was already clear from season one that this is the way to go. Having read the comic books, I really enjoy this. While I’m a fan, I still don’t fancy seeing a shot-for-shot adaptation of the comic. Instead, I want to be surprised and it seems this is exactly what will happen. The trailer looks very interesting, and it looks to me as if the series is being taken back to the grassroots of zombie survival after the (for me) disappointing near sci-fi flirt at the end of season one.

I can safely say I’m waiting for October.


  1. I am totally with you regarding the deviance from the comics: I dont mind as long as the show “feels” like the atmosphere set by the books. Considering that that is what made them a success in the first place it is a mistake when the atmosphere strays too far.

    Thats why the last episode of season one left a bad impression.

    Barring a couple of things (in particular the compassionate gang members taking care of old folk mid season. Ugh. That was insultingly ridiculous and horribly jarring) the rest of season one was far better than I ever expected it to be. There was no need for the story to take the Resident Evil flash-bang route for the final episode.

    I didnt watch the trailer (spoilers and all that) but I will be glued to season two as it airs.

    (I just had a bit of Season 2 spoiled by checking when it airs over here. Boo. I will be avoiding Walking Dead stuff for a while).


    • The trailer isn’t that spoiling, of course depending on your threshold. I agree with the ganger thing, just needlessly cheesy and unbelievable. Considering Kirkman has been closely involved with the whole thing, I’m left surprised at some of the decisions made. Why on earth replace a key character like Tyreese with..ummn..T-Dog or whatever the heck his name was? The strength of the comic books lies in their rock-hard script, so major deviations are jarring at worst.

      I’m still trying to get over the whole CDC thing. A Centre for Disease Control building in the middle of a major city, and they actually set it up with a massive self-detonation device and a half-sentient AI? That is a brain fart of such colossal magnitude, that it really left a sour taste from the last episode.


  2. Well, that’s certainly whetted my appetite. Sadly I have to wait until the series 2 DVD set comes out to watch it. Yeah, I know, a loooooong wait! I don’t have access to satellite TV, hence the wait.
    I also don’t mind the deviation from the comics. I didn’t even mind the trip to the CDC building at the end of series one. It had a logic to it that I could understand.
    Incidentally, in the comics, Tyrese doesn’t appear until later in the story. He may yet pop up in the TV series. I have high hopes for series 2 as I know the show is in good hands. I do hope Frank Darabont remains on board as he is a director I greatly admire and respect and he did such a fantastic job on series 1. Whatever happens in series 2, good or bad, I’ll be watching it and hopefully enjoying every minute of it.


  3. I’ve not read the comic, so I don’t know all the ins and outs of the storyline. But, I think its a great series, I don’t usually like to watch trailers, but I had to watch this one and I like what I saw, running down the road with all them chasing you, shit, it sent a shiver down my spine. Hiding under the cars wtf!!!!!! desperate indeed!! Looking forward to the start of the new series.


    • Thanks for the comment Ray! That road scene was my particular favourite as well. They really managed to make it a desperate, panicky situation!


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