Talk about upcoming zombie goodness

May 1, 2011

It’s time for another instalment of Upcoming zombie goodness. I’m starting to run out of titles for posts like this pretty soon, should’ve just numbered them. Anyhoo, onwards we go!

Incidente is an Argentinian zombie flick coming out in 2011. Borrowing heavily from the likes of Rec and The Blair Witch project, it is a tale of supernatural horror, sporting demons that “wear humans like clothes”. Here’s the synopsis, which I’m sure you’ll find quite familiar:

A Special Division police member finds videotape in the form of an unfinished documentary featuring material of a very dark and strange nature.

Years ago in the Nacan’s Factory, an employee killed 16 workers and finally himself. Investigating police could find no logical explanation for the events, and the case was filed as “Incident” (a designation that police use for cases with no solution, offering no reasonable explanation).

Today cameraman Christian and journalist Romina, along with a crime specialist and a priest, will enter the building to document what really happened that day.

This is the tape of what they discovered.

While it’s not winning any points for originality, the trailer still looks very nice, and Incidente might just be a nice little addition to the genre. As always, it’s great to see another country joining in the whole zombie movie thing.

Meteletsa – Winter of the Dead

Speaking of international zombie productions, Meteletsa is the first feature length Russian zombie film. Here’s the blurb from the movie’s Facebook page:

Russian Winter is a terrible thing…… especially if it arrives in mid-July.

“Along the street a snowstorm sweeps, behind the snowstorm … something ghastly creeps!”

Konstantin – a Moscow journalist, hides from the onslaught with the daughter of a local tycoon in a hardware store. Captain Igor Knyazev kranks up the only working tank, whilst his lover, Dasha is running away from her angry husband, who has learned of the pair’s betrayal, and wants revenge, regardless of the weather …
Faced with horrifyingly gripping news material, a dedicated cameraman, Vlad, captures the strange events on video as priest Father Michael gets out his trusty axe …

Out amidst the icy storm, something raises its hideous head – a Russian zombie – senseless and merciless!

The film shows decent production values albeit with a fairly hefty reliance on CGI. There’s a lot of promise here, I think. I’ve always been fond of hearing spoken Russian, so the film gets thumbs up from me.


  1. Its funny that I tend to watch far more non-English language movies than I used to these days (as in now I watch some rather than none) purely because they have undead cannibals in them.

    “Foreign” films that get publicised around here exclusively tend to be “worthy” dramas, largely concerning men falling in love with their sons girlfriends or similar, without a walking corpse or homicidal robot in sight. Not my thing in other words.

    Your ongoing series of Zombie Goodness articles has brought quite a few non-English speaking movies to my attention in addition to some of the English speaking stuff, for which I am grateful.

    I would be interested in a retrospective look at some of these that you have watched in their entirety since you previewed them, if you felt inclined. Brief one line reviews maybe. If you were bothered.

    “I’m starting to run out of titles for posts like this”

    I have to dig out the phone book to name zombies at this stage…


  2. Of the two trailers you’ve shown here, “Meteletsa” intrigues me the most. It looks very good indeed and I hope I get the opportunity to watch it. Unfortunately, “Incidente” looks decidedly average. If I don’t see it, I won’t be too disappointed.

    Sho3box raises a very interesting point. I too, would like to see a retrospective look at your zombie film trailers. There were many that I’d have liked to see but just never heard of again. Fortunately, there have been some that did get a DVD release here in the UK and I managed to buy them. La Horde, for example, was a particular favourite of mine that I first learnt about from your blog and I have no regrets in buying it. You don’t have to list them all at once. Whether you decide to or not it is surely food for thought. In the meantime, keep digging these nuggets out for us zombie fans. I certainly appreciate your previews.


    • Thanks for the comments guys! The idea for a retrospective look is a great one. I often find myself thinking along the lines of “I wonder what happened to…” and for some strange reason have never come to think that blog readers might be interested too. It might come as a surprise, that I haven’t seen most of those films myself. Many of them are small(ish) productions, so I think a fair few end up lingering in post production limbo. I haven’t got much to do today, so maybe I’ll use my Google Fu and knock one up with updates on what’s happening with them. Thanks for the inspiration!


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