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Mikko Meriläinen


MA & Doctoral student from Helsinki, Finland.

Strictly nerdcore.

Can be found all over the nets under the nick manatic.

Likes zombies, pirates, comics, singing, kung fu, otters, lolcats, scifi and manatees.

Dislikes spiders, hate speech and extremists.




  1. Hey there!
    Awesome blog-on my daily checklist! I just thought you may want to take a look at my blog (please don’t feel like you need to blog it!!) as I produce card minis for gaming with a zombie flavour.
    Hope you dig ’em!


  2. Hey Mikko,

    great blog! I like it very much, because You prefere all the miniatures I prefere, too. 😉
    I’m a big fan of Copplestone minis and I got nearly all of his SF-stuff – old and new.

    I will link your blog in my hitlist and look at it from time to time to follow your posts.

    The only bad thing here is that you don’t like spiders. They are our very best friends, because without spiders there would be no complex life on the land beside insects. Spiders are our only natural help against them.
    “Spider in the corner: no insects in the house!”

    keep painting!

    best regards, Markus:-)=

    • Nice to hear about a new follower, and glad that you like my blog!

      Spiders have ALWAYS freaked me out. I get goosebumps from even seeing pictures of them 😀

  3. […] I’ll be happy to pay postage, and all donors will be handsomely (ho-hum) rewarded in the future. Replies in the comments section, or through email. […]

    • Hey, saw your post on TMP. What size stuff do you need? I have mostly WW2 stuff…I also have some modern Russian airplane decals, and maybe some US stuff. If you email me, and tell me what you are looking for in particular, I might be able to help you out a bit! I dont have a ton of left over, but Im always willing to help a modeling/figure buddy out!

      • Thanks very much for the comment and the offer, Jay! I’m sending you an email in a few moments.

  4. Hi!
    I have several complete sheets of decals and some leftovers (WH40K, FOW, 1/72 scale models…) that could reach you in 2-4 days via airmail 🙂

    • Hey, that’s excellent news! I’ll send you an email to the address you used here.

  5. Hi,

    Just have been on this page, and found the picture of Predators, very fan of Predator, I also found this model http://www.predastore.ch/lang-en/20-28-mm-spear-hunter.html which is very detailled. In scale 28 mm.
    Great pages.

    • Thanks for the comment Nikolai! I’m thinking of getting that Predator for my review. The price is a bit high, though!

  6. Somewhat belated thanks for your werewolf review. It really helped me to make up my mind and purchase some of the West Wind ones for my Star Frontiers conversions.

    Great stuff here, now that I found it again, I’ll come back often.

    • Thanks for the comment, Markku! Glad to have you on board.

  7. […] https://dawnofthelead.com/about/ Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  8. Nice blog! Inspired me to pull my avp clix minis out of the closet for some mods. I was going to use 40k tyranids rules..
    but what rules are you using?


    • Hi, and thanks for the kind words! I’ve lately been using Flying Lead from Ganesha Games. A flexible system and easily modified.

  9. Just in case you haven’t seen it yet:


    • Thanks for the heads-up, already saw those and looking forward to seeing more of them. They’ll definitely be reviewed once available!

  10. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alien-vs-Predator-The-Miniatures-Game/1430433530510297

    more info and images of the prodos stuff.

    • Thanks Sev, that’s looking very nice indeed! I’ve just contacted Prodos regarding a possible review in the future.

  11. And the Kickstarter has started 🙂

    • Just noticed this too, thanks! That’s looking pretty tempting, although a bit pricey. Will have to think on this!

      • Yeah very pricey, especially for you I would guess as you already have a plethora of painted minis. For me it’s a great opportunity to grab some cool minis and to make that 28mm version of the Leading Edge Aliens game I’ve always been meaning to do. I think the pledge levels will get a lot better value as the campaign goes on and they add free things.

        • You’re absolutely right about that. In fact, I just pitched in with £75 😀

  12. Hi I saw your reviews and they were quite helpful for our needs to get Predator HQ’s for the AvP game. However, I saw you had no idea where the scuba predator is from and made statements that the sculpter was clever in his designs. It is in fact a copy of a comic from Dark Horse Comics called Predator: Hell and Hot Water, the male one is mostly seen the comics and I believe the female one was just a extra art page in the back like they did in the 90’s. The same can be said for about half of their range, but I can’t help you point out all the source material.

    • Hey, thanks for pointing this out, much appreciated! I haven’t been reading Predator comics for years, so references went right over my head. The range has plenty of fairly wild designs, so some of the source material might be quite interesting.

      • I think most of the Tribal/Primal ones are from Predator: Primal and so on, it just seems like these sculpters are as much fanboys as us!

  13. I am happy to find this site for all the valuable info it contains. Do you have updates to find some of the figures-predators and alien models by Wizkids and the other manufacturers listed in your blog?

    • Hi Dick, the Wizkids models have been out of production for a long time, I suggest looking on eBay. The Predastore line has also been discontinued as far as I know. Prodos Games are currently your best bet for Aliens and Predators!

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