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The great UK tour recap

May 4, 2019

This was actually written a couple of weeks ago already, but I decided to leave it mostly in its original state as a fun memory.

What a few weeks it’s been! I’m currently writing this post on a train from Carlisle to London, where we’ll spend a day and a half before heading home. The last two weeks have included not only Salute, but also some amazing views – pretty much all of Lord of the Rings was present – and wonderful people as we’ve hiked some 175 km (roughly 109 miles) through Yorkshire, Durham and Cumberland along the glorious Pennine Way. As it is, this post will mostly just be one big photo dump of Salute photos with some holiday stuff thrown in.

Salute was super fun as usual! I mostly spent the day with folks from Random Platypus and Frothers, enjoying the participation games put on by people from these lovely communities. There was urban warfare in the form of Carnage City Chronicles and Wild in the Streets, anthropomorphic animal hijinks in Burrows and Badgers, Doom-like deathmatch on a wonderful scifi corridor board as well as Project Fear, a tongue-in-cheek post-Brexitpocalyptic game of activists trying to reach the last ferry from Dover. This last one also holds special meaning for me as I painted two minis for it! Look for the pink shirted shotgun guy and the guy in blue. For more information on the Random Platypus games, do check out the blog posts here and here. Oh, and I’m also pretty stoked that one of my painted minis was actually a display model on a trade stand – look for Carla, the knife-wielding lady shown in the Wild in the Streets cabinet.

I was somewhat moderate in my shopping, although I did pick up all the new pirates that Black Scorpion just released as well as their Salute special edition mini. As I figured I’d done most of my shopping, I came upon a retailer who was clearing their stock of Freebooter’s Fate minis at a very low price. I’ve always been interested in FF minis, but the price point has just been way too high for me even though the miniatures are lovely. At a clearance price of just £5 per blister, I just couldn’t pass up on them this time! Apparently I was so excited about this that I completely managed to miss Alex of Leadballoony, after a good long while of planning. There’s always next year, luckily.

Well, enough with the talk, it’s photo time! You can click on any photo for a larger version, which should open in a new tab.

A pair of honeymooners – make of that what you will!


Salute 2017 part 2

April 28, 2017

Time for part two of my Salute report. This is mainly a photo dump of some of the things on display that I liked. Short descriptions when I can remember (or knew) what was going on. You can click on photos for larger versions, they all open in a new tab.

A dog looks on as the Russian revolution happens

Massive Star Wars battle going on

Some wild west action

Fantasy fun for everyone

A massive dungeon setup

Desert warfare

Lovely Frostgrave (I assume) diorama

A wonderful winter fantasy setup

Plenty of ruined walls to hide behind

More winter fantasy

Zombies break down a fence in a Walking Dead game

French and Indian wars

More French and Indian

They DO move in herds! A great Jurassic Park game

Hail to the king, baby!

Loving attention to detail

Welcome! To…

Papers, please! Slug Industries’ game in the vein of Escape from Colditz

Nazis roam the streets

The lovely cobblestone streets are currently on Kickstarter:

More of Papers, please

Storming the beaches of what I assume is Normandy

Love the explosion effects!

Giant steampunk robots in what I think was a demonstration of Wolsung

Massive 18th century battle setup

The gentry, happy behind their walls

The Random Platypus/Hasslefree collaboration table

Mawes incoming

A security meeting

Things getting tense

The coolness radiates off him in waves

Lovely detailing in the corridors

Ready to receive

A beastie comes charging in

You’re going to need bigger guns

Troopers protecting despot Drumpf

The second Random Platypus/Hasslefree game, a fantasy one

A miniature’s eye view

Dwarves and orcs clash

A look inside the dwarven hold

A wonderful upcoming giant from Heresy Miniatures

That is a big giant

Lovely minimalist setup, never caught a game on it sadly

Definitely not minimalist, lovely though!

Epic fantasy

Semi-fictional late-17th century clash between the Swedish and the Dutch

The table won multiple awards and for good reason

Disembarkation in progress

Villagers milling about

A fortress was involved a well

Advancing across the fields

“Oh deer.”

Row, boys, row!

The ship bombards the fort

…and the fort shoots back

A demo setup for Drowned Earth, currently on Kickstarter:

As you can see, there was plenty on offer – this was just a small sample of all the wonderful games and table setups on offer. If you haven’t visited Salute yet, I definitely suggest you do if at all possible!


Salute 2017 part 1

April 26, 2017

It’s that time of the year again! Salute 2017 is now behind me, and I’m sitting at an AirBnb in Dublin – the city I’ll be spending the next three months in. As I noticed I haven’t posted in a long while (and the blog is at its slowest in terms of views since January 2010), I figured it’s about time for a post-Salute post. This post will focus on what I bought, I’ll make another one with photos from the show itself. If you can’t wait for the show photos, I suggest you hop on over to this blog for example.

Salute was fun as usual! I spent time with old friends and made new ones. I was especially hanging around the Random Platypus games, which were great fun. If you’re not on the forum yet, you should be.

My Salute haul was quite reasonable, for a given value of reasonable.

Random Platypus dice

Cute Random Platypus dice that I bought to support the forum and because they’re cute random platypus dice.

Plastic Banner Saga miniatures

Plastic miniatures from the Banner Saga boardgame that I was kindly given by Ian of Fenris Games, who I talked into Banner Saga. They’re surprisingly nice miniatures, and should be a nice change from my usual 18th century fare, speaking of which…

© Blue Moon Manufacturing

© Blue Moon Manufacturing

The Duelists and the Duelists booster pack from Blue Moon Manufacturing. I’ve been eyeing these for ages so I grabbed them when I had the chance. Lovely assortment of 18th century civilians here, and really characterful sculpts.

© Wargames Foundry

Balthazar’s Marauders by Foundry was a purchase inspired by three things: my reading up on slavery, visiting the brilliant London, Sugar & Slavery exhibition at the London Docklands museum and my long-standing need to add maroons to my pirate project. Differing from the picture, the pack actually had eight individual miniatures instead of six. They are lovely, lovely sculpts and will give me a great chance to work on different skin tones.

© Wargames Foundry

Three miniatures from this Gun crew by Foundry, that were given to me in the Random Platypus pre-Salute meet-up, as well as a bag of cannon!

© Hasslefree Miniatures

This Random Platypus from Hasslefree Miniatures, that I received as a gift. He’s brilliant, isn’t he?

Sailor and two native miniatures

Three unknown miniatures given to me by Phil of Slug Industries. They’ll find service in my pirate project obviously. Does anyone know where they’re from?

© David Wood

A full Political Parody Party from Dave of Dear Tony Blair. Love these foul little creatures!

North Star pirates

I had lost hope in finding these North Star pirates, but was given them as a gift by Andy from Ainsty Castings. I was super, super happy to have my hands on these.

I got the latest two Hounds of the Dagsterville from Jon who was working the Ainsty stand. They’ll be running around the streets of Port George soonish.

28mm bunny miniatures

And last but not least, these adorable Bunnies from Bad Squiddo Games. I bought them as a gift, purely on their cuteness factor.

Looking back at that list, I was given a lot of miniatures. Either everyone sees me as being really poor, or I’ve made a lot of wonderful friends in this hobby. I’d like to think the latter is the case.



Salute shopping

May 20, 2013

I promised to do a breakdown of what I bought at Salute, so here it is – a month after Salute due to all sorts of hassles. I’ve also listed my intentions for their use, to show they were perfectly sensible purchases aimed at use in games of Utopia. As photographing them all would’ve been a bit of a chore, I’ve used photos from the manufacturers’ websites.

In no particular order:

Time Lift Security by Crooked Dice

I’ve liked these miniatures since their release, but never got around to buying them. They’ll be painted with a paint scheme more toned down and less retro scifi, and they’ll be used as generic security guards.

Click for a larger version, photo © Crooked Dice

Click for a larger version, photo © Crooked Dice

Click for a larger version, photo © Crooked Dice

Click for a larger version, photo © Crooked Dice

Get the Time Lift Security here.

Station crew by Ainsty Castings

I’m always on the lookout for good, generic scifi civilians, and these guys fit the bill nicely. They’ll find plenty of use, milling around scientific complexes, battlefields and other places they’re likely to be shot at or otherwise attacked.

Photo © Ainsty Castings

Photo © Ainsty Castings

You can find the station crew here.

Eisenkern rifle squad by Dreamforge Games

This is another set I’ve been eyeing for quite some time. These heavily armoured shocktroopers will probably become high class PMCs or Union of Terra special forces. I’m not too keen on the whole space nazi look, so headswaps are probably on the way.

Click for a larger version, photo © Dreamforge Games/Wargames Factory

Click for a larger version, photo © Dreamforge Games/Wargames Factory

The rifle squad is available here.

Troopers, officer and inspectors by Heresy Miniatures

Yet more sets of miniatures I’ve had my eye on for a long time (starting to see a pattern here). The troopers are a welcome addition to my pool of generic scifi infantry, the officer was nice enough to warrant a spur of the moment purchase and the inspectors are some of my all time favourite models. In fact, I’ve previously bought one of them, shown painted and converted here. They’ll serve plenty of generic roles, I’m sure.

© Heresy Miniatures

Photo © Heresy Miniatures

Photo © Heresy Miniatures

Photo © Heresy Miniatures

Click for a larger version, photo © Heresy Miniatures

Click for a larger version, photo © Heresy Miniatures

You can get all the minis shown from Heresy’s online store.

Resistance fighters by Statuesque Miniatures

I’ve had my eye on…for Utopia..blah blah. Same story as before. These are some of the finest miniatures sculpted in recent years. They’re actually nice enough to go into the “minis I want to buy even if there’s no use for them” category. Luckily they’ll fit my games nicely. I also bought a pack of spare heads, since I need some more female troopers. The sniper will likely be painted in Colonial Marine colours, for when our current sniper croaks.


Photo © Statuesque Miniatures


Click for a larger version, photo © Statuesque Miniatures


Photo © Statuesque Miniatures


Photo © Statuesque Miniatures

All of these lovely ladies can be bought directly from Statuesque Miniatures.

Heavy infantry by Pig Iron Productions

Yet another long time want, I ended up buying a whole lot of these at Salute. Actually, I only bought two packs originally, and then mentioned this to a certain frothery badger.

“Oh, I’ve a box of those I’m looking to unload!” he said.

“I’m running out of cash!” I said.

“No stress mate. It’s a great deal though!” he said.

“I’ll hit the ATM.” I said.

And so I’m now an owner of a sizable force of yet more scifi infantry – it was a great deal though. These fellows will likely serve in Utopia as Terran Union infantry.


Click for a larger version, photo © Pig Iron Productions


Click for a larger version, photo © Pig Iron Productions


Click for a larger version, photo © Pig Iron Productions


Click for a larger version, photo © Pig Iron Productions


Click for a larger version, photo © Pig Iron Productions

Hungry for more? Go check out Pig Iron Productions.

Dog tents by Renedra

With lots and lots of new troopers, I better have a place for them to sleep in. Renedra had these small plastic tents on sale, so I bought a few packs.

Click for a larger version, photo © Renedra Limited

Click for a larger version, photo © Renedra Limited

These and more are available in the Renedra webstore.

Tokens by Litko

We frequently tend to run into situations where we need various tokens and counters in games of Utopia. We’ve been using a variety of dice, washers and whatnot, but I’ve been eyeing some groovy plastic ones for a while now. A retailer was stocking these wonderful Litko counters at Salute, so I picked up a few bags – one of overwatch counters and another of casualty markers. The casualty ones have already seen use in games of DnD!

Photo © Litko

Photo © Litko

Photo © Litko

Photo © Litko

If those look tasty, take a look at Litko’s site, there’s plenty more!

Phew, if I’m not far wrong, that’s pretty much what I picked up…no, wait, I did pick up a Platformer construction set from Artemis Black, but this post has gone on long enough, so I’ll leave it at that.


Salute – there and back again

April 24, 2013

Like a good many bloggers, I too went to Salute, and this is my near-mandatory Salute post.

Of course Salute was a bit special for me, since it was my first one. We don’t have miniatures conventions as such in Finland, and I wasn’t at all expecting the sheer size and scale of the event. For the first hour or so I must’ve been walking around with my eyes wide and mouth open. Salute is HUGE. The large hall at London ExCel was filled with miniatures manufacturers’ stalls and games. Yes, games. More about those in a moment.

I spent four full days in London, and a good amount of that time was spent in the company of Frothers. Despite the FU-UK forums having a reputation for somewhat foul behaviour, all the forum members I met were amazingly hospitable and really made my stay in London something much more than it would’ve been on my own. So to all Frothers possibly reading this, thank you ever so much and see you next year!

Ok, enough of the sappy stuff. Here are some pictures, click for larger versions:

Some call it bare knuckle fighting...

Some call it bare knuckle fighting…

...others call it a gay disco.

…others call it a gay disco.

The action figure bare knuckle fightfest was a Frothers game, lovingly(?) dubbed the gay disco game. I got a game in, although we had to drop it halfway through, as my opponent had another game to catch. Fun while it lasted!

A zany rendition of the old Snit's Revenge boardgame

A zany rendition of the old Snit’s Revenge boardgame

The game deservedly won the "Most innovative game" prize

The game deservedly won the “Most innovative game” prize

Another Frothers game, this one was a 3D remake (aren’t these all the rage these days) of a 70’s boardgame, Snit’s Revenge. I took control of a team of Snits trying to bring down a Bolotomus. Unfortunately the Bolotomus’ immune system proved to be too tough for us.

A wonderful Victorian scifi game - definitely not my genre but lovely anyway!

A wonderful Victorian scifi game – definitely not my genre but lovely anyway!

Fog and rooftops, very atmospheric

Fog and rooftops, very atmospheric

Salute was filled with wonderful, wonderful game boards. I’ve no idea what they were playing, but I spent a good while gawking.

The Haunted House of Slaughter - "disturbing" doesn't do it justice

The Haunted House of Slaughter – “disturbing” doesn’t do it justice

Some of the Haunted House's cast and crew

Some of the Haunted House’s cast and crew

While I never got to play the Haunted House of Slaughter, I helped pack it away. I felt like I wanted to wash my hands afterwards. With quicklime. Lovely!

My favourite of the show, Akula's Planet of the Apes table

My favourite of the show, Akula’s Planet of the Apes table with humans for scale

Lovely detailing

Lovely detailing

An abandoned subway train sits under the field

An abandoned subway train sits under the field

I got to play on the table, here's my astronaut almost making it out through a storm drain before being captured by damn dirty apes

I got to play on the table, here’s my astronaut almost making it out through a storm drain before being captured by damn dirty apes

I had seen the Return to the Planet of the Apes table in pictures before Salute, and was expecting something approximately one third this size. It was mind-blowing. Akula is deservedly known for his mad projects! The game itself was fun too, with astronauts trying to flee to safety while pursued by apes. Good fun!

These are just a small glimpse! For a far more detailed picture coverage, see this blog.

Overall it was an amazing experience, and I can’t wait for next year!

…I’ll just leave out the bit about spending £180 on miniatures.

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