Return of the upcoming zombie goodness

September 11, 2011

With my painting and gaming slowing down to a trickle, it’s up to the zombies to keep this blog running (no departure from the normal, there). It’s time to yet again take a look at some zombie films that are in the pipeline. Enjoy!

Extinction – the G.M.O. chronicles is another German indie foray into the zombocalypse. The trailer shows surprisingly nice visuals, but the plot, style and characters seem very, very familiar. Lone survivor? Check. Hints of paranoia? Check. Priest talking about the extinction of mankind via divine wrath? Check. Low saturation filter? Check. We’ve even seen the parkour zombies before. Still, I think that indie films deserve all the boost they can get, so I’m more than happy to give Extinction the benefit of the doubt. When it comes to the indie+German+zombies scene, I’ve so far seen a hit and a miss. Let’s hope for more of the former.

Check out the film’s official homepage for more info.

Wataha is a new Polish production, which is as far as I can tell yet another new country giving us a zombie film. I used the awesome powers of Google Translate to deliver you this synopsis:

Near future. The world as we know it on the decline, dominated by the so-called “transformed”. Fourdeserters from the western front travels Europe looking for a safe place. In the great woods stretching for miles, the car refuses to obey [breaks down, I guess. Unless we’re talking about KITT]. Seeking shelter for the night, [they] stumble upon an old forgotten hotel in the middle of the forest, which as it turns [out is] hiding a family. All of them will have to fight against evil, which lies in ourselves.

While the production values seem to be on the low side and the trailer doesn’t seem to deliver anything out of the ordinary, there are touches of East European melancholy there which I always enjoy. My eye will be kept on this one as well.

As an additional treat I present to you #Zombies, a short piece of zombie cinema. It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at how the zombie apocalypse might pan out in today’s social media saturated world. It’s just great.

One comment

  1. Great videos. Extinction looks worth watching, even if it is a little over done. And #zombies is going to be spread quickly on facebook I think.

    Thanks for posting.


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