Yet another batch of upcoming zombie goodness

March 12, 2011

Time for another look at what’s cooking in the world of zombie cinema!

I’m going to kick it off with a trailer for Quarantine 2. I admit that I haven’t seen the first one. I didn’t really have an urge to, having seen [REC] so many times. [REC] 2 was a bit of a disappointment, and I’m happy to see Quarantine 2 not following the re-make path. All in all the setup looks pretty interesting, although why oh why do they have to recycle a lot of the stuff from the first film? Even the trailer gave me a strong déjà vu vibe.

Next up is Humans vs Zombies (which they for good knows what reason insist on writing HUMANSVSZOMBIES, whereas I have my dignity). Apparently Humans vs Zombies is a moderated game of tag played at universities, and it seems to be gaining popularity – read more here. The game seems to have spawned a live action movie as well, which looks surprisingly promising judging from the first teaser. Some more information can be found at the movie’s official site.

Good zombie comedies are few and far between. As are Israeli zombie movies. What fun it was, then, to discover Poisoned, an Israeli zombie comedy. The movie seems to be the story of a lovestruck young man in the IDF during a zombie catastrophe. This movie seems great, plain and simple. And yes, I repeat: ISRAELI ZOMBIE COMEDY. That’s reason alone to see it. Not to mention the male lead character, who seems like an excellent anti-hero type.

That’s a pretty nice trio of films to wait for, don’t you think?


  1. Once again, thanks for sharing, Mikko. “Poisoned” definitely looks to be the pick of the bunch.

    This exchange had me laughing out loud –
    “Where’d you get that gun?”
    “We’re in the army!”

    I so want to see this film!


    • Those were my thoughts exactly, Bryan 😀


  2. […] On March 12th 2011 I reported a second Israeli movie! This is a comedy about a gardener in the IDF who must become a […]


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