Zombie goodness? Upcoming? Right here!

February 17, 2011

It’s time for another look at what’s in store for us zombie lovers in the near future, and boy, there are some greats!

First up is Dead Season. It looks like a grown-up zombie movie, with nice looking production. In other words, it doesn’t look cheap and shoddy. I’m usually a fan of zombie flicks with a more adult take on the subject matter, so this looks very interesting. See the official site for more info.

The next one is Another World, a zombie movie from Israel. It’s great to see this love of ours spread into different countries, even if the movie doesn’t look like it’s bringing a lot of new content to the world of zombies. Looks decent nonetheless.

I’ve saved the best for last. This is a trailer for Dead Island, a video game of zombie survival horror. The video is beautiful, touching and haunting at the same time, and certainly raises expectations for the game very very high. Let’s just hope that the actual game can meet them. The CGI is just stunning, this is what the dire Resident Evil CGI romps should’ve/could’ve been. The official site is under construction at the moment.


  1. Mikko, I totally agree with you about Dead Island. This is definitely one to watch out for. As you said, stunning! Thanks for sharing this trailer… and the others. I always enjoy watching your zombie film trailers.


    • Thanks Bryan! Always happy to know someone’s reading/watching these ūüėÄ


  2. Wow, the trailer for Dead Island is off the charts. Thanks for bringing that to our attention Mikko.

    Like you say, they have set the bar pretty almost inaccessibly high with that. Somehow “first person melee combat”, “4 player co-op” and “weapon customisation” really doesnt do justice to the beautiful and genuinely emotive trailer. Its like comparing “Mad Max 2” with “The Road”.

    Sign me up one way or another.


    • It seems I really wasn’t the only one blown away by that. I almost wish they didn’t make it into a game, as it can’t help to reach the level of the trailer. Could be a great game in its own right, anyway.


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