Upcoming zombie goodness

May 5, 2009

I’m always on the lookout for new zombie movies, especially those with good production values. I’m not saying that production values make a movie, but sadly they can often break it. Anyway, two of the movies I’m currently waiting for are [REC] 2 and Zone of the Dead. Neither are American or British productions, which is always a joy – in the sense that it’s nice seeing that zombie culture is being created all over the world.

The Spanish movie [REC] is one of my favourite zombie movies ever. I like its documentary handycam style and the fairly realistic approach, not to mention that it’s creepy as hell. The movie had me and a couple of my friends – all of us used to horror movies – watching it hugging our knees and going “arghhh, ihatethisihatethisihatethis”  , so if you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely check it out. There’s a Hollywood remake of the same film called Quarantine, but I suggest you go for the original. The foreign language, Spanish in this case, makes it somehow seem more real. Maybe it’s because I’m used to most movies being in English?

Anyhoo, they’re making [REC] 2, due for release this October according to IMDb. The teaser trailer doesn’t really tell us a lot – it’s probably why they call it a teaser, duh – but I’m still psyched!

Zone of the Dead is already out. This Serbian film is apparently a nice old school zombie flick, and judging by the trailer it looks like mighty good fun. And it stars Ken Foree of original Dawn of the Dead fame. I just hope it eventually gets released outside Serbia, too.

And as a final note a friend passed me a link about real life zombies. While it certainly is interesting and creepy, I couldn’t be bothered to write it an entry of its own, so I’ll just attach it to this one. It’s a small article about parasites that take over and control several different host animals. Just imagine the fun of something like this happening to humans! Is it just me, or does stuff like this really make you think about the whole evolution/intelligent design thing?


  1. Thank god, noissa ei oo pysähtyneenä mikään päätön zombie..


  2. I too absolutely loved “Rec” and so thanks for posting the trailer. Even if it is just a teaser who would have thought walking up a flight of stairs could be so scary? “Rec2” is a definite must-see for me. I’d never heard of “Zone of the Dead” but wow, if it’s half as good as the trailer looks it’s going to make a lot of zombie fans very happy. Please keep us posted on its progress. Even if it goes straight to DVD, I want a copy.


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  4. […] of the Dead – I posted on this Serbian flick way back on May 5th 2009. That’s almost exactly two years back.  Unfortunately it’s terrible, and I […]


  5. I always love a new zombie movie! 😀


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