Zombie goodness, when is it upcoming?

May 4, 2011

I’ve mentioned loads of zombie movies on Dawn of the Lead, diligently bringing them to your attention. It seems that one thing I haven’t been doing (as pointed out by fellow bloggers Sho3box and Vampifan – see links on the right), is following up on them with news on their development. With this I mind, I present to you and episode of Where are they now? featuring all the zombie movies I’ve posted trailers on. They’re in the order I’ve posted them, starting from the oldest entries. You can find the trailers by clicking on the date.

Apocalypse/Zone of the Dead – I posted on this Serbian flick way back on May 5th 2009. That’s almost exactly two years back.  Unfortunately it’s terrible, and I wouldn’t recommend watching it, unless you’re a fan of fairly shoddy, boring and generic zombie movies. The movie is available on dvd.

Rec 2 – This was featured in the same post. The sequel to the Spanish Rec – one of the scariest zombie movies around – is a nice film, although it’s not as good as the first one. Rec 2 is available on dvd.

Doghouse – A piece of British zombie cinema, I reported on Doghouse on June 9th 2009. It’s an excellent blend of comedy and zombie action, and I heartily recommend it. It’s available on dvd.

Zombieland – While it wasn’t quite the classic it was hyped (by yours truly as well, on June 21st 2009) to be, this big budget Hollywood zombie comedy was still a very decent film. It’s available on dvd.

Survival of the Dead – While this movie by George Romero was hotly anticipated, it turned out very unimpressive. I wouldn’t recommend getting it, even if I was a bit excited on August 14th 2009. It’s available on dvd.

Carriers – I reported on this in the same post. It turned out not to be a zombie movie, but rather one about a very dangerous infectious disease. It’s a nice little film, and available on dvd.

ZMD (Zombies of Mass Destruction) – This movie I posted about on September 7th 2009 was hyped as a “political zomedy”. It’s isn’t very good as a zombie flick, nor as a political comedy. It’s available on dvd.

Last of the Living – This low budget Australian zombie comedy (posted on October 15th 2009) was actually a nice surprise. It’s available on dvd.

Zombie virus on Mulberry Street – From the same post. Not a zombie movie per se, but a part of the genre nevertheless, this one features human/rat hybrids. Pretty good, actually, and availableon dvd.

Pontypool – From the same post. Canada’s gift to zombie lovers, Pontypool puts an interesting twist on the genre. The lead character’s voice alone warrants a recommendation, and it’s a nice film to boot. Available on dvd.

La Horde – This action packed French zombies/cops/robbers film is one of my favourites. I posted on it on December 3rd 2009 and later did a full review on it. Get it, it’s available on dvd.

Mutants – From the same post, this is another French title. Mutants, I think, is one of the best zombie movies I’ve ever seen. It features the descent of one man into zombiedom, and his girlfriend’s attempts to help it. Well worth watching and owning. Available on dvd.

Zombies and Cigarettes – From the same post, I can’t believe I actually forgot to follow this Spanish offering. It’s actually a short movie, it’s excellent and you can watch it for free here. I’ll be sure to post a full review later.

E’gad, Zombies! – This is a British short that I posted about on February 6th 2010. It has apparently been winning prizes, and is being turned into a feature length film. I just ordered it and will do a full review later. It’s available on dvd.

The Dead – From the same post. This zombie movie set in Africa, and has been getting great feedback from film festivals. Enough, in fact, to warrant a theatre release in Summer 2011. Can’t wait!

Eaters – Same post. This one from Italy. While film festival reviews say that it’s not bringing much new to the table, it still looks very nice. The official site says “coming in 2011”.

Opstandelsen – Same post. This great looking Danish 50 minute short film is getting its dvd release in Denmark in six days, on May 10th. Excellent news!

Blind Death (Muerte Ciega) – Same post. A low budget flick from Chile. It has completely dropped off the radar. The best I could find was a post on their Facebook page from a fan on December 30th 2010, saying “Wheeeeeeen?”

The 4th Reich – Same post. A British nazi zombie romp, which has apparently been bogged down with pre-production trouble. A February 2011 interview with the director suggests the project is still alive. Good news, since there are never enough nazi zombies.

The Crazies – I posted about this Romero remake on February 13th 2010. It was released and is actually a pretty nice watch, so I recommend getting it. It’s available on dvd.

A Chance in Hell – A New Zealand nazi zombie (yay!) movie I mentioned on April 22nd 2010. Their Facebook page leaves the impression that the movie is alive and iMDb lists the movie as “Completed”. Looking forward to more news.

Toxic Lullaby – This German movie (posted on August 14th 2010) picked up the prize for Best International Horror Feature at the New York International Film Festival in 2010. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m looking to get my hands on it, since it’s available on dvd.

Dead Genesis – A Canadian movie that I mentioned on September 22nd 2010, Dead Genesis has been doing the rounds at film festivals and receiving accolades. The official site says “coming soon to DVD and VOD”.

Re-Kill – A US film of near future SWAT vs zombies action that I posted about on January 29th 2011. It will be available on dvd, and is slated for release on September 26th 2011.

Project Panacea – From the same post. A Russian zombie movie. I had absolutely no idea what’s going on with this one, but with some Google Fu and the assistance of Google Translate I found out on their Russian site that the film is “almost ready” and coming out on June 7th 2011.

Dead Season – I posted about Dead Season on February 17th 2011. This US feature about zombie apocalypse survivors trying to make a living on an island is currently in post-production according to iMDb.

Another World – An Israeli feature from the same post. The official site says the film is in post-production and will be ready for festivals and distribution in the 4th quarter of 2011.

Poisoned – On March 12th 2011 I reported a second Israeli movie! This is a comedy about a gardener in the IDF who must become a hero when it’s zombie time. The movie’s Facebook page says it’s coming out in summer 2011.

Quarantine 2: Terminal – From the same post. A sequel for Quarantine, the US remake of Rec. It’s its own movie, and not a remake of Rec 2. It will be available on dvd on August 15th 2011.

Humans vs Zombies – Same post. This movie spin-off of a popular live action role-playing game of sorts is due for theatre release on June 1st 2011.

Phew, that’s about it. I didn’t even realise I’d written about so many films. I won’t bother to list the latest few movies I’ve posted on, as you can just skip back a few posts. I hope this post’s useful, it was to me at least! And to Sho3box and Vampifan: ask, and you shall receive.


  1. Thanks for that, have seen quite a few of these now but Zombieland is still the best so far.


  2. Many thanks for that, Mikko. This was just what I was after and, boy, you certainly delivered the goods. It’s pleasing to see how many of these I own but at the same time, very depressing to see how many I haven’t seen. Unfortunately the “haven’t seens” far outnumber the “seens”. Ho-hum.

    I’m going to have to agree with The Angry Lurker and say that Zombieland was my favourite from your list. La Horde was excellent and I’d certainly place that as my second favourite. Apocalypse of the Dead was the one film I most regretted buying. It was just dire!


  3. Good work Mikko.

    Purely for the hell of it (and seeing as this is the internet, the ultimate democracy where *everyones* opinion counts…) here is what I thought of the various entries from the above list that I have seen (not that anyone asked or anything, but as I have a few minutes to kill before I have to do some more work). YMMV obviously:

    Apoc of the Dead was absolute horseshit. It is the zombie movie that has most repulsed me during the last couple of years, and for all the wrong reasons… I too actually bought my copy, ugh.

    Rec 2 was tolerable, but disappointing.

    Ditto for Doghouse. It tried hard but didnt work IMO.

    My minority views of Zombieland have taken up enough of your column inches on an earlier date… so I will leave it at “File under Wildly Overrated” or “How Romcom swallowed cinema” 😉

    Survival of the Dead was pretty much what I expected… crap from the highly overrated Romero (I actually hate typing that. I really want Romero to make his second decent zombie movie before he himself croaks. It doesnt look likely though 😦 )

    Carriers was so by-the-numbers that I can barely remember it. Someone got bitten and tried to hide the fact. The bit with the father and daughter was as close as it came to anything interesting.

    La Horde was without question the diamond in the rough. After a slightly shaky first 10 mins or so it became very entertaining. One of those rare beasts, a decent zombie flick. I must watch that again soon actually.

    The Crazies was also good. Very bleak and very watchable. ANother for the re-watch pile.

    I havent seen the rest of the list but am keeping an eye out for them for when I have some spare cash.

    So there you have it: Upcoming Zombie Goodness Revisited as viewed from a Sho3box. Not that anyone asked or anything, but for the sake of conversation about a topic that we all like 🙂

    Thanks for the rundown! It was fun to see what you thought of the films having seen them in their entirety.


  4. Thanks for the comments, guys! I especially enjoyed your opinions on the various flicks.

    I definitely suggest giving Mutants a try, as I felt it was really really good, especially if you like your zombie movies a bit bleak, deep and close to home. It’s 5,99 EUR at Play.com, and at that it’s a steal.

    While it wasn’t listed above, I definitely suggest giving Rammbock (Siege of the Dead) a go as well. I reviewed it some time ago, as you’ll no doubt recall.

    And if you’ve got 15 minutes to spare – and let’s face it, who doesn’t – definitely watch Zombies and Cigarettes, above. It’s great fun!


  5. Wow, this is a goldmine! Thanks for following up on all these movies.

    I’ve seen Pontypool, La Horde, the Crazies (both new and old) and of course Zombieland. The Mutants sound intriguing. Must try to get my hands on that one.



  6. Thanks for the list. I’ll check into the ones I haven’t seen.

    Mikko, I totally agree about Mutants. While it’s one of the highly contentious infected movies rather than traditional undead zombies, it still pushes all the right buttons. Mutants was a fantastic flick. Gritty, well acted, great monster and sound effects. Totally enjoyable.

    Another one to check out is Blood Creek (2009). It’s got grit, good acting, nazis & originality. I’d encourage any fan of horror/zombies to check it out. If you do the Netflix thing, it’s on watch instantly. Fun movie with no romance and no comedy.

    Which brings me to Zombieland. Great flick but I totally didn’t dig the teen romance component. Far as I’m concerned, I could have had a couple more big-ass zombie battles and no love interest at all. Weakened what was otherwise a freakin great zombie movie. The double-tap is a great rule, though. Respect.

    Thanks to everybody for sharing their thoughts.


    • Thanks for the comment Patrick! I’ll definitely check out Blood Creek, can’t go far wrong with nazis. In horror cinema, I mean. Zombieland, in my opinion, suffered a bit from..well, a lack of zombies. As you said, some more wouldn’t have gone amiss!

      And happy to see the list guide people to new undead movies. I’ve said it many times before, but I think the best thing a blogger can do is be useful.


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