More and more upcoming zombie goodness

February 6, 2010

I’ve once again been trawling the internets for coming zombie flicks. Two sites have been most useful, namely Zombie Info and The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. Definitely check them out! What I’ve collected here is but a teeny tiny fraction of the news they put out.

Let’s start out with E’Gad, Zombies! which is an upcoming 20 minute period zombie comedy, that the crew is hoping to turn it into a full feature in the future. I sincerely hope that this happens, as this looks most delightful. Historical zombies is a theme sadly neglected. Except for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which I couldn’t finish due to the clumsily tacked on, poorly written zombie content. See the film’s official homepage for more details.

Another unexplored niche is zombies in Africa. The game Resident Evil 5 immediately comes to mind, and I’m happy to see a film following the same lines. British film The Dead features a pilot that apparently crashlands somewhere in rural Africa, and ends up in the middle of a zombie crisis. Looks nice, and was shot on location in Burkina Faso, I believe. You can read an interview with the Co-Director here and visit the movie’s official home page here.

Back in the 70s, Italy was THE zombie movie country. They churned out tons of cheap zombie flicks, many of which were simply soft porn with gore. Of course there’s Lucio Fulci with his zombie classics and all, but most of it is pretty unremarkable. After forty years or so, the Italians once more get on the European zombie bandwagon with the Spanish, French, Serbians, Brits and Norwegians with the movie Eaters. Don’t be put off by the mention of Uwe Boll, he’s producing and not directing. I like the visuals, though the look CGI heavy. The trailer suggests some rather clichéd scenes and very very visceral gore, so the Italians are staying true to their roots. Two trailers follow.

First the Norwegians with Dead Snow, now the Danish with the upcoming short Opstandelsen. And the Finnish with jack all. Makes me want to cry.

And since it seems we’re getting very very international in this post, how about the indie Blind Death from Chile? As I mentioned before with Rec, somehow the fact that characters are speaking some other language than English makes it seem more real. I don’t know whether native English speakers have this feeling or not, though. Blind Death doesn’t look half bad!

For this last one no trailer exists yet, as production begins in Spring 2010. Anyway, these four words should rock anyone’s world:

Nazi zombies in 3D.

That’s right. What I’m talking about is a British movie named the 4th Reich, that tells the story with a classic theme: nazi super soldier experiments gone wrong. Really, you can’t go wrong with nazi zombies. I don’t know why, but you just can’t.

See the 4th Reich homepage for more details.

Phew. That’s a lot of upcoming zombie goodness right there.


  1. “First the Norwegians with Dead Snow, now the Danish with the upcoming short Opstandelsen. And the Finnish with jack all. Makes me want to cry.”

    Just after I read this post I read an email sent to me by my brother-in-law, a drama teacher and a fellow zombie fan. He sent me the link below to RTE, the Irish national broadcaster. To my surprise, it turns out that Ireland has also beaten the Finns to produce some zombie related material.

    Speaking as an Irish person, I am shocked to be honest: RTE isnt really well known for financing anything even vaguely left of center. I am doubly surprisd because the two seven minute episodes of “Zombie Bashers” are actually quite watchable, all things considered. Not big budget or high drama or anything but far better than I expected them to be to be honest.

    You could spend a worse seven minutes than watch one of these.


    If RTE is making zombie stuff, then zeds must really be 100% mainstream. Expect the backlash any day now…


    • Those were hilarious, thanks! Loved the accents, too.

      Actually, you Irish have already given us Dead Meat which is a nice film in itself. Oh, poor Finland. We had one zombie flick called Stone’s War coming out, but I’ve no idea on whether the project is dead, alive or undead. One can always hope!


  2. Actually I had forgotten but I saw the start of Dead Meat on TV a while back, but I only got ten minutes in before I switched it off. Should I have made more of an effort? Is it worth a watch?

    Another Irish zombie movie that I had forgotten about is [url=http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0415679/]Boy Eats Girl[/url]. I have never seen it but, for the sake of completeness and some misplaced nationalistic zombie media pride, I though that I would mention it.


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