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Campaign building blocks

July 14, 2011

For any miniature game, you generally need the following: miniatures, terrain and rules. In this post I’ll do a bit of an inventory of what of each of those three elements I have available for Triton-4.


It should come as no surprise that as far as miniatures are concerned, I’m pretty well covered. As a result of both my own collecting and my Aliens, Predator and Colonial Marine miniature reviews I’m nicely stocked. I also have a few other nasties in store, which I’ll save until later. Just in case my players happen to read this.

I just received the scientists and utility crew that I ordered from Victory Force Miniatures. Joining them is be the not-Bishop from Woodbine Designs. I’ve also been thinking of ordering more inspectors from Heresy. Inspector Knuckles is already doing his rounds as a combat synthetic, and I think that with matching paint jobs the more peaceful-looking others would make for nice additions to the crew. I will need the civilian types to add some variety to the games, as they can be for example objectives (“Find the missing synths”), targets for rescue or protection (“Escort the scientists to the crashed ship”) or simply random encounters (“A feverish colonist staggers out of the jungle”).

I’ve also been thinking of investing in an APC for the CMs, probably this from Old Crow.

Shown in the pictures below is the current cast for the campaign, starting with the Marines.

Click for a larger version

I think the photo very nicely demonstrates the benefits of a unified  colour scheme. The fifteen Marines above look like a unit. Look a little closer, and you’ll see there are big variations in body proportions, style and gear. The models in the picture above come from no less than seven different manufacturers (em4, Copplestone, Prince August, 1st Corps, Denizen, Hasslefree and GW), and yet the simple paint scheme and unified basing tie the models together nicely. There are a lot more CMs waiting to be painted, but these guys and gals are a good start.

28 mm Predators

Click for a larger version

Here are my Predators, sans the wonderful Hürn from Heresy, who sits almost finished on my painting desk. Being bigger than the others, he’ll make for a nice pack leader.

Horrorclix Aliens

Click for a larger version

And here are as many Xenomorphs that I could cram into one picture. They’re missing their mommy, since the queen was far too big to fit in and is not yet finished.


I’ve been working more than usual on my terrain. I currently have 16 CDs covered with jungle terrain. When I placed the first bunch on the table, I noticed that they looked a bit too sparse. This is due to the fact that I wanted to be able to position models on the pieces, as well as simply skimping on my terrain building materials. The newer ones that I’ve built are much more dense, and will be scattered around to create the illusion of a thicker jungle. I’m also intending to build small vignettes of some jungle pieces. Maybe a few skinned corpses? Chestburst animals? A cluster of eggs?

I’ve also been wanting to use a large outdoor fountain element ever since I bought it (see this post from a year back). Thus far it has seen no action whatsoever, but will surely be utilised here.

I also received a bunch of scenic elements from Ainsty – crates, barrels and the like – which I’m using to make something to represent a military camp. I’ve also just ordered some barbed wire pieces from Products for Wargamers, more supplies from Old Crow and sandbag walls from Fantascene.  The should make a nice, Vietnam war -style jungle camp. For the time being I will settle on a temporary looking camp, and as the campaign progresses, I’ll maybe add something to it, such as landing pads etc.

Here is most of my current terrain setup on my gaming boards in a few different configurations.

Click for a larger version

Here’s the table in its entirety. I placed a Marine communications setup in the middle as well as some CMs to show the size of the table.

Click for a larger version

Here’s a close-up of the comm setup. The dish is from a plastic toy, the pole a piece of an old GW building and the pegs around it from an IKEA bookshelf. The beacon in the middle is from Ainsty, and the barricade from a plastic army men set. The plants are aquarium plants. I’ve used different flocks to differentiate the camp terrain from the jungle. However, I’m also trying to convey the feeling that the jungle quickly creeps in around whatever the humans build.

Click for a larger version

Here’s the monstrous fountain element. It’s so big that I’ll probably need to add a third table (I have four sheets) to accommodate it. See the lone Marine for scale. I think I’ll have entire scenarios centered on this piece of terrain, since its build is very good for that. Just imagine the Marines defending the mouth of that gully, and you’ll see what I’m getting at. Or just take at this little diorama from way back when I bought it.


This section is the easiest and most complete. Flying Lead from Ganesha Games suits my needs nicely. It’s a fast-flowing system, which leaves plenty of room for narration and improvisation while also presenting players with tactical dilemmas and the like. As GG’s games use similar mechanics, I should be able to easily port extra rules from Fear and Faith, GG’s horror game.

We had our first playtest last week, and really enjoyed it. The system worked fine for what we’re going after, so I’m really pleased. We also worked that playtest already into the campaign – naturally it was the final bootcamp simulation before the actual mission.

So there, my plans so far for the campaign. Now I turn to you, dear readers. Tens of heads are usually better than one, so feel free to provide me with ideas, tips and even requests. Are there minis you think I could use? Got an idea for a terrain piece or vignette? Send them in, I’ll be eternally grateful and hopefully use them.

I’ve also been thinking of making a small tutorial on how I made the jungle pieces. Is there a call for an article like that?



August 24, 2010

The last two actual miniatures of the Aliens Space Hulk project are now finished – all that’s left is to paint up some sentry guns and add more Aliens.

First of all I need to thank my readers for the offers I received when I asked for extra transfers. Special thanks go out to Holger @ ProPainter Bemaldienst, who sent me enough transfers to last me a lifetime. The man’s an excellent painter, and I definitely recommend checking out the site. Here’s the stuff he sent me:

Yes, really.

Armed not only with a ton of decals, but also with 14 years of wanting to try them out, I went to work on my autoloader. First off I fixed the fitting issue where the feet were happily hanging in the air with no contact with the machine whatsoever (you can see what I’m talking about here) and then started plastering the machine with decals. I tried not to go overboard, but there were a lot of interesting transfers to use. I think I used at least GW Imperial Guard and Chaos transfers and stuff from US, Russian and French tanks and airplanes. I’m happy with the results, and I think that they make the model look much better.

Click for a larger version

The last mini to replace was the Librarian. As mentioned before, his replacement is a combat synth, or as  sho3box so perfectly worded it: “Bishop on steroids”. I gave him a Hasslefree pulse rifle (since the Librarian has a storm bolter) and made the strap out of green stuff.

He was a joy to paint, and I’m very happy with the end result. The Weyland-Yutani logos were a pain to paint, though! Since I now have lots and lots of decals, I slapped one on his shoulder to give him that “fresh off the assembly line” look.

Click for a larger version

We played a few games of Space Hulk over the weekend. Pictures were taken, but due to the low lighting we don’t have many good ones. I think this calls for new gaming, with photos and maybe even a battle report!


Heavy metal

August 5, 2010

Here’s the second to last mini of my Aliens Space Hulk, the Prince August autoloader that will replace the lightning claw-armed  terminator. I like how it looks, but am a bit miffed that the feet are not in contact with the loader. I think I will add some greenstuff straps to get a nicer fit and look.

The colour scheme was a conscious departure from the bright yellow of the powerloader in Aliens. I figured that the Colonial Marines have military versions as well, seeing a powerloader deployed in the front lines to combat a xenomorph infestation. The green colour of the loader and the CM BDU of the pilot also help tie the model in with my Marines. I wanted the model to have a weathered look, with chipped paint and some rust, as if it had seen a lot of action. The challenge was not to go overboard and have the loader look like something ready for a scrapyard, and I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out.

Click for a larger version

With this baby down, I only need to paint the combat synthetic and that’s it. Well ok, maybe a few em4 sentry guns to replace the Librarian’s Force Barrier counters, and a bigger one from Antenociti to replace the Psychic Storm template, and I’m all set.


What’s your status?

July 15, 2010

My Aliens Space Hulk project is nearing completion. Here are the latest developments:


I’ve painted two more Colonial Marines, including my flamer conversion shown earlier. They’re shown below for your viewing pleasure.

Click for a larger version


If you’ve been following the project, you might know that I’ve been lacking replacements for the Lightning Claw armed Terminator as well as the Librarian. To remedy the situation, I ordered a few miniatures:

Auto loader with pilot from Prince August will be a nice replacement for the Lightning Claws. The inspiration for the model should be instantly apparent to anyone who’s seen Aliens. If you haven’t, shame on you. I’m intending to paint the loader in a similar scheme to my Marines, probably using the darkish, military green. I must note here, that I wasn’t too pleased with Prince August’s policy of a minimum order of 20 EUR (excluding postage). Eventually I had to top up my order by buying a bunch of Vallejo paints. I don’t really mind buying them, but I DO mind being forced to buy something.

Click for a larger version, picture © Prince August

Knuckles the inspector by Heresy miniatures is my solution to the Librarian problem. My replacement for the Librarian (psychic powers, close combat prowess, firepower) is a combat synthetic, also known as an android. The psychic powers with their blocking of corridors and area attacks are replaced with the synthetic activating defense systems, like sentry guns and such. To account for the shooting capacity, I’ll give my synth one of Hasslefree’s wonderful pulse rifles. Knuckles looks pretty kick-ass as-is, and with the addition of a pulse rifle, he should be imposing enough. While synthetics in combat roles don’t feature in the Alien franchise films, they are fairly prominent in the comics.

Image © Heresy, click to go to website

In other news

While I don’t really need them for Space Hulk, a few minis from Hasslefree were simply too nice to pass up on, so I’ll probably find a use for them. The first one is McKenzie and the second one is KJ. They might be my Colonial Marines’ pilots, come to think of it.

Image © Hasslefree, click to go to website

Image © Hasslefree, click to go to website

…and while we’re on the subject of non-SH miniatures, I finally succumbed to my desire to buy the Heresy Hurn that I’ve been oogling for quite a while. I’m sure I’ll find a use for him, especially after watching Predators, on which I’ll probably do a separate post.

Image © Heresy, click to go to website

And that fellow is a nice way to wrap up this post. Can’t believe I’m actually close to finishing a project, although better not celebrate just yet…

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