Zombie treats #2

September 22, 2010

It’s a quiet day, so a few zombie things for you loyal readers. As usual, this stuff lifted from the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse site.

Dead Genesis

This indie flick looks a lot like George Romero’s frankly piss-poor Diary of the Dead, except a lot better. It chronicles the journey of a journalist who sets out to make a propaganda movie on the war versus the walking dead. Looks surprisingly good, I’m actually looking forward to seeing this!

Go to www.deadgenesisthemovie.com for more information.

Left 4 Dead – Sacrifice #2

The second part of the Left 4 Dead online comic is now online. Great stuff, go read it. If you missed the first part, start here.

Left 4 Dead - Sacrifice pt. 2

Click to go to comic

One comment

  1. […] Genesis – A Canadian movie that I mentioned on September 22nd 2010, Dead Genesis has been doing the rounds at film festivals and receiving accolades. The official […]


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