The Man with the Golden Brush

April 19, 2010

I have been chronicling the progress of my two age-old zombie sculpts. They were first introduced in this post, then as they got cast they were paraded in two more and finally I mentioned them when detailing my own zombie horde.

I now believe that those two sculpts have gone the furthest they ever will. When I posted about giving a few of them away for free regular reader, pro painter and fellow Finn Vesa Mäkelä asked me for a few copies. Now this guy is amazingly talented. Have you seen the stuff on the Studio Miniatures website? Or Pulp City? It’s his work. Vesa is probably one of my favourite painters in the world and omg he’s so awesome and probably glitters in sunlight omg omg omg. You probably get my point.

And now he’s painted my two zombies. Since a picture is indeed worth a thousand omg’s, have a look.

Click for a larger version, it's worth it!

While also being a great reminder that a skilled painter can turn even a very mediocre miniature into an excellent piece, it’s also just plain awesome. Thanks Vesa!

You, dear reader, really owe it to yourself to go check out a lot more of his work at his blog, Static Painting.


  1. Thats pretty awesome Mikko! Those lovely paint jobs are going to make my painting efforts on your sculpts look a bit lacklustre, (but that wont stop me 🙂 ).

    Kudos to you for taking your own sculpts so far (and of course to Vesa for his brilliant painting).


  2. […] previous efforts with an amazing paintjob can be seen in this post. They still make me go […]


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