A few of my own

May 17, 2009

Way back in 2005 I got interested in sculpting miniatures. I did it for a while, and even managed to finish a few which ended up painted in my collection. I finished a couple of zombies which I saved with the intention of having them cast up mostly for my personal use. None too surprisingly nothing ever came from it, but I still saved the greens figuring that  maybe I’d paint them up one day.

And now, four years later, along comes Black Orc Games. They have a program called Mini-Sculpt, which gives budding sculptors a chance to get their sculpts cast up and sold. It’s a simple deal: The sculptor grants the company full rights to the green, the company provides the sculptor with 20 casts of the model plus royalties based on the number of models sold. While this is hardly a huge money making opportunity for a sculptor, it gives people like me a great chance to see the results of their work made available to others. To be honest, it’s simply cool to paint and base a model and add it to your collection alongside those sculpted by Mark Copplestone or Kev White, and think that it was you who sculpted it. What’s even more cool is the idea that maybe someone, somewhere is doing the exact same thing, and maybe playing a game using your models.

What this all amounts to, then, is a shameless ad for my minis. It probably comes as no surprise that they are zombies, does it? They are by no means of professional quality in terms of detail or crispness, but I’m still quite pleased with them. One of them is an obese jogger, who apparently couldn’t even outrun a few zombies while the other one is a beach bum type, who was probably still going “whoa, bra” while the zombies were munching on him. The solid bases have since been replaced with tabs to enable these figures to fit into standard slottabases. They’re  heroic 28mm in scale.

They will eventually – I’ll be sure to post details – be available through Black Orc for the fair price of $1.00 apiece. Not only is this a great chance to add some cheap lead to your undead horde, it’s also a great way to support  non-pro sculptors such as me in our endeavours not to mention a way of thanking Black Orc Games for providing an opportunity like this.

As always, feedback is appreciated. Would anyone actually buy these? Or rather, will you?


  1. Mikko, I like ’em both and I’d happily buy them to add to my zombie horde. At a dollar apiece they really are a bargain. However, living in England, I could imagine post and packing will cost much more than the figures… not that that has put me off before, I’m just saying.


  2. Thanks! That’s probably true, as unfortunate as it is. You could of course compensate by buying say…3-4 of both 😀


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