In the biz, part 3

December 3, 2010

I’m happy to report that my third zombie sculpt – the first one I ever completed, IIRC – has just been released by Black Orc Games. I’m actually still pretty satisfied with him, and there are far too few crawling zombies available.

To continue a nice(-ish, I think) tradition, the first five people to comment on this post will get the mini as a freebie with no p&p or anything –  assuming you ask for it. I’ll send the models once I receive them from Black Orc, which might take a while.

I again strongly suggest that you support Black Orc and their MiniSculpt program, as it gives starting out/sunday sculptors an easy way to get our produce on the market. Click here to view what’s available. The quality varies a lot, but the prices are low and you’re kind of doing a good deed.

My previous efforts with an amazing paintjob can be seen in this post. They still make me go “whoa”.


  1. Good job! ^__^
    I hadn’t realized you sculpted yourself!


    • Thanks for the comment! Care for a sample? 😀


  2. Hi Mikko

    Well done! Thats the best one yet and like you said, not enough crawling torsos out there.

    I would be very happy to add a third of your sculpts to my painting queue (the other two are nearly at the top of the pile now, any day).



  3. Congratulations to the new born! It looks great and I’d be honoured to paint up your new sculpt.



  4. Congratulations, Mikko, on getting another of your sculpts accepted by Black Orc. I’m a big fan of theirs and seeing as I have your first two sculpts, I’d be delighted to add your third to my horde. As you rightly said, there are far too crawling zombies about.


  5. Nice mini!
    Is it ok to call you a pro sculptor now? 🙂
    If only I could convince some of the local gamers to start a 28mm zombie apocalypse…


  6. Thanks a lot for the comments guys! Not a pro sculptor…yet 😀 Maybe once I finish my thesis and graduate to unemployment, though.

    I’ll let you know when the minis arrive.


  7. Damn, too late for freebies.

    Good work, though. 🙂


    • Not to worry, I think we can work something out 😀


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