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September 11, 2009

As funny as it sounds, I am now officially a part of the miniature wargaming business. Some of you might recall that back in May I posted about a few zombie models that I’d sculpted ages ago and managed to enter in Black Orc’s Mini-Sculpt program. I’m now happy to announce that the first one – an unlucky beach bum that has been dubbed Zeek the One Armed Zombie – is available from Black Orc for the low (and appropriate) price of $1.00.

So, from this:

The original green from 2005

The original green from 2005

Became this:

The cast mini for sale @ Black Orc

The cast mini for sale @ Black Orc

While it’s definitely not a perfect miniature, and not even a very good one, I’m as proud and happy about it as a dad  might be over his kid’s first tottering steps. Someone has actually cast a mini I sculpted, put it on sale and even had a professional painter paint it. Now how cool is that? Cooler than the other side of the pillow, I think.

Now here’s the fun part for you, loyal(I hope!) readers: I’m going to receive 20 copies of this miniature, which is a lot more than I need. Hence, I’ve decided to give out five copies, one copy each to whoever requests it in the blog’s comment section. Just drop me a line and we’ll sort out the details in private. Of course I will be devastated if five people don’t show up, but I trust in the nature of people to snatch up anything if it’s free!

As a final note in this post I have to stress how thankful I am to Black Orc for making this all possible. Visit their site, buy a few miniatures for $1.00 each and support a company doing valuable work for this hobby of ours. Even if you don’t care for my sculpt, there are some real gems in there. Check out this post from Rogzombie for examples.

Oh, that wasn’t quite all of it. I have another mini coming out in the future, with one or two more greens getting ready to be shipped to Black Orc. I’ll keep you posted.


  1. Ooh, sign me up for one.


    • Sent you an email, thanks!


  2. Dude, congrats on being “published!” I completely understand what a rush it is. Don’t belittle your accomplishment. A real company liked your work enough to spend money to produce and sell it. That puts you on a different plane from the mass of part-timers and wannabees who never get that far. Sure, you’re not likely to make a fortune from this gig, but making money from your hobby is a rare mark of distinction. Kudos. I hope this inspires you to keep mastering your craft.

    I’d be honored to receive one of your minis.


    • As always, thanks for the kind words, John. It really means a lot to me to receive support like that.

      Drop me an email with your address, you can find the spam-proofed address in the “About the author” section. I’ll send you a copy as soon as I receive the goods from Black Orc.

      Oh, and I’ll be expecting an honest review @ the Alpha!


  3. I’ve only been into the minatures scene for half a year, and I haven’t even yet made a section for it on my homepage… I’ve always had a keen eye for zombies, and I’ve been a true reader of your blog ever since I found it. Zombies are now my primary focus for collecting and painting, but it all started with Space Hulk. Anyways, I’d be honoured to have one of your minis in my zombie horde.


    • Thanks for the interest, you are our lucky winner number three! See my reply to the comment above for the very simple instructions.


  4. Many congratulations, Mikko! I’m very happy for you and I’d love to receive yor mini. And best wishes with your new “career” – I look forward to seeing more of your work.


    • Thank you Bryan, both for the comment and the loyal following of DotL! See above for instructions on the mini.


  5. That’s awesome man! Hopefully there’s more to come! I wouldn’t mind a copy of your work.



    • Thanks for the comment Forest, you’re the fifth freebie recipient!

      Just send me an email with your mailing address to mikko.merilainen * at * helsinki.fi, and I’ll send you the mini once I receive the shipment.


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