In the biz, part 2

September 18, 2009

As I mentioned in my earlier post about my sculpts getting cast, I now have a second model out!

This obese jogger (they’ve named him Jerry the Jogging Zombie, I love it) apparently wasn’t fast enough. I wonder why, I really do. Pictures © Black Orc Games.



Obese jogger zombie

As you can see, Jerry isn’t a very complex sculpt or anything, but I ended up liking him a lot. I guess I have a soft spot for chubby people getting caught up in a zombie apocalypse. The slab base was eventually replaced with a tab, so Jerry is 100% slottabase compatible.

All the comments I made on the first one apply here as well. So thank you ever so much, Black Orc Games!

Pick up Jerry for $1.00 here. And while you’re at it, buy Zeek too. Jerry really needs a friend right now.

All you kind people who requested the Zeek freebie miniature earlier, I’ll chuck a Jerry in there as well. Two zombies is always better than one, when you’re looking to spread the infection love.


  1. I’m with you, Mikko, when it comes to fat zombies. I like them! I like this guy more than Zeek. Somehow I can relate to him more, being something of a fat slob myself. Lol! Another very nice sculpt and a good paint job as well. You’re on a roll here!
    Many congratulations on getting him into production.


    • Thanks again, Bryan! You’ll be receiving your copy.


  2. Cool! I especially like that he has the hood up.


    • Thanks for the comment! You’ll have two to paint, now.


  3. I like this! the paintjob just doesn’t do it justice I’m afraid 😉


    • Thanks Vesa! I wonder if I could find a painter…say, of the nomadic persuasion for example. Or as we say, “Miten ois?” 😀


      • Mikäs siinä ;), u got email


  4. […] sculpts. They were first introduced in this post, then as they got cast they were paraded in two more and finally I mentioned them when detailing my own zombie […]


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