Jungle fever #2

September 30, 2010

I’ve been busy with my new jungle terrain, and just wanted to show you some photos. If you missed the first part, you can find it here. The jungle pieces are made from old CDs, aquarium plants and model railroad palm trees, with flock and pizza spice mix to cover the discs up. I dropped in a few em4 and Copplestone Colonial Marines and some Ainsty INAPs to make for more interesting photos. Enjoy!

Click for a larger version

I have six pieces of jungle completed as I write. When I get more CDs, many many more will follow.

Click for a larger version

I just realised that the above picture is a great example of the INAPs clear resin effect. That actually looks very much like a cloaked Predator. Which is nice.

Click for a larger version

Another fine example of a cloaked Predator stalking her prey.

Click for a larger version

A close-up of the statue. It’s a Star Wars toy from a cereal packet or a Happy Meal or something like that, and was originally brass coloured plastic. Some chopping, weathering and hefty drybrushing later I really like the way it turned out.

Regular readers may have noticed, that there’s a new “Hot Right Now” header in the sidebar. It shows what posts have been read the most on DotL in the last 24-48 hours. Check it out, there just might be something you’ve missed!

And as a status update on the Alien miniatures review, it’s going to be massive. I think I’m 3/4 done, and it’s already a whopping 2500+ words. For comparison, this post is a bit under 250.


  1. Very nice job.


    • Thanks!


  2. The jungle looks great Mikko. The tall tress help a lot with scale as you planned. Where did they come from?

    Jungle/Woods are usually a pain to store and even harder to transport (if you plan to do that). Do you have any plans for storage or did you just do what I always end up doing (make what looks nice and then watch it disintegrate in poor storage solutions over the years).

    I have those breakfast cereal Star Wars busts in a bag somewhere. I never thought to use them as terrain. Thats a fun idea.


    • Thanks Paul! I got the trees from this guy:


      They really are cheap. The palm trees look fine and the trunks take a drybrush well enough. Lots of other nice model railroad stuff in that store, too.

      I don’t intend to transport the terrain bits, but yes, I didn’t really give much thought to storage. Now if I can only keep it from disintegrating! Maybe some cheap cabinet or something from Ikea could do the trick.

      The SW busts do indeed have surprisingly good detail. Amidala made for a great generic oriental statue, a bit like these: http://images.inmagine.com/img/designpics/dp057/dp1795640.jpg

      I have to say I’m a bit jealous of those busts (although I could get them cheaply on eBay), C3P0 half buried would make for a cool statue, and implicate an alien culture venerating a robot. How nice is that?


      • That ebay shop looks great.

        As for a buried C3PO statue…

        …I had forgotten that it was a bust of the character in his stripped down Phantom Menace incarnation: one of the few things that I likes about that movie. A half buried statue of Darth Maul has a lot of appeal too 🙂


        • Indeed! The eBay search for those busts brought up loads of results, might be time for an investment.


  3. […] source of inspiration. I have loads of stuff to do: tons of Colonial Marines to paint and plenty of terrain to finish. I also used the printer and laminating device at work, and made some exploration cards […]


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