Jungle fever

September 20, 2010

My Aliens project all but finished (and providing me with loads of faith in the idea, that it’s actually possible to complete a project), it’s time for a new one. It will come as no surprise that it will revolve around another favourite scifi-baddie, the Predator. Or rather, Predators as per the new movie. While I will make a longer, detailed post in the future – once I get the Aliens review done – I thought I’d show you a piece of the terrain that I’m making. With the default setting for Predator action being the jungle, I’ve gone to work. My work was greatly inspired by Matakishi, so mad props to him, as we cool kidz say. I went for a more exotic, alien variety of jungle though.

The jungle pieces will be based on old CD’s, a feature a lot of aquarium plants. The one shown here doesn’t have any palm trees yet, as they’re still in transit. They will be much taller than anything and give some more sense of scale to the terrain. The column is from the Horrorclix Aliens set, with flock (as moss) used to cover the holes left by removing the figures. The leaf scatter is pizza seasoning, making this piece of jungle smell pretty tasty.

I could whip up a quick tutorial, if there’s interest.

Here’s a picture of the finished piece:

Jungle terrain on CD

Click for a larger version

And the same piece with some em4 Colonial Marines:

Jungle terrain with em4 troopers

Click for a larger version

Only twenty or so more (at least) to do, let me know what you think!


  1. Ingenious use of old CD’s. 🙂


    • Thanks! Man, I wish I had all those failed disks from back when burning CD’s was a new thing and pretty much every other burning failed, resulting in a useless disc.

      Now I have to resort to using outdated driver CD’s and whatnot.


  2. […] terrain, and just wanted to show you some photos. If you missed the first part, you can find it here. I dropped in a few em4 and Copplestone Colonial Marines and some Ainsty INAPs to make for more […]


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