Zombie treats

September 15, 2010

No, not candy. Just lovely stuff from the world of zombie pop culture:

Code Z

If a new webseries with amazingly hot triplets beating up zombies sounds like your cup of tea (and let’s face it – if it doesn’t, take a long look in the mirror), definitely check out Code Z. Probably worth it for the babe factor alone.

Click for official site with trailer


The Italian zombie movie Eaters, that I first mentioned way back now has a full trailer online. Don’t let the mention of Uwe Boll (whose movie Rampage is actually pretty good) put you off, this looks like a nice enough film.

Left 4 Dead – Sacrifice

For L4D fans and zombie enthusiasts alike, there’s a free, quality online comic based on the game available. Can hardly wait for the next instalment!

Click to go to comic

Night of the Living Trekkies

This is a video trailer for a book. Which is a shame, since I’d love to see a whole movie of this! It really tickles my geek organ.


  1. I’ve already read this book,it’s interesting that the characters in the trailer dont seem to be the survivors from the book.


    • Thanks for the comment, Dan. What about the book, any good?


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