In space no one can hear you laugh

September 7, 2010

While waiting for all the stuff needed for my Aliens review, I figured I’d offer a bit of fun for a change. Yes, this is another Youtube post (which are my filler of choice) but this stuff is in theme and well worth sharing. Here we go!

[comic by Mike Jacobsen]

A Collegehumor original:

Collection of clips from the AVP2 videogame ads:

A true classic:

And if you’re in for more laughs, I suggest Alien vs. Winnie the Pooh (which might either be suitable or traumatic for the kids) as well as Alien loves Predator.

And speaking of children, if you let yours on the internet, be sure to remind them that there’s all kinds of dubious people out there.


  1. The teenage pred skit had me in stitches… “I’m a vegetarian!” “Since when?” “Since, now.”


  2. […] random alike. As random picks from Dawn’s history, you could go see some zombie commercials, Aliens & Predator humour, my tips on hooking a loved one on zombies, or even the post that started it […]


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