CGI of the Living Dead

February 4, 2010

Zombies have occasionally been seen in movies in CGI. There’s Resident Evil: Degeneration:

Which was unfortunately very aptly named. Steer well clear, it’s one of the worst features I’ve ever seen. The zombie action is fine, but the trailer is a good example of the awful acting, dreary dialogue and clichéd, predictable zombie flick events. “He’s dead. Oh wait, he’s not! Oh, he bit me in the leg!” Man, that’s fresh and original.

There are the zombie-like infected in I Am Legend that were frankly a bit disappointing:

CGI Zombies - you're doing it wrong

And in the future, there just might be A.D.

This here is a wonderful, wonderful teaser trailer  for a future – or rather potential, provided they can get funding – full-length CGI zombie movie. You can read an interview with the crew here. I really hope they get the cash to crank this baby out, as it looks delicious. Like Pixar teaming up with Tim Burton to do Night of the Living Dead. Don’t take my word for it, enjoy the trailer!

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