Rubble City go go

February 1, 2019

Painted stuff! Not miniatures as such, but very useful nevertheless. Inspired by both Azazel’s monthly challenge and my lack of time to focus on miniatures, I figured it would be fun to add some generic scenery pieces to my table. All of these are from Fenris Games, one of my favourite companies for miniature terrain, and part of Fenris’ Rubble City range. For a change I figured I’d photograph the pieces on the gaming table!

Click for a larger version

I actually painted these fieldstone walls last year after buying them at Salute, but as I gave them a bit of touch-up, I thought to include them here as well. There’s nothing super special about them, but that’s pretty much what I like – they’re nice, clean and generic enough to go with pretty much anything.

Click for a larger version

There’s a similar charm to these rubble walls and corners that I got as part of Fenris’ Rubble City Kickstarter. Like the fieldstone walls, these are super clean sculpts and very crisp casts so a veritable joy to paint.

Paint jobs were simple, but I’m happy with the end results. I painted all the pieces using mainly craft store acrylics. I started with a dark brown base coat, stippled on browns and grays, followed with progressively lighter gray drybrushes. I then slapped on some Agrax Earthshade and finished everything with Athonian Camoshade (think Agrax Earthshade but green) at the base of each piece and painted splashes of the wash here and there. I think the stone looks quite naturalistic, which is what I was going for!

These are really useful gaming pieces, so I figure’d I’d show you a couple of shots with figures. The walls and ruins fit wonderfully into my Caribbean setting, but would definitely not look out of place on any fantasy or even modern table.

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version


  1. Looking great here, Mikko – and even greater to have you on board this month! 👍

    • Cheers Azazel! Thanks for taking the trouble to run these monthly challenges 🙂

  2. Very nice! Like the realistic stone wall texture/finish!

    • Thanks John! Those pieces are wonderfully textured, they’re really painter friendly.

  3. Very nice mate. I liked seeing the pirate minis amongst the walls too

    • Appreciated IRO, it was you that I had in mind when I took some “in action” shots!

      • Haha I suspected that actually hehe. Much appreciated. More shots would be appreciated too hehe

        • Maybe I should do another one of those “set up all my miniatures as tiny dioramas” kind of posts!

        • YES PLEASE!!! Don’t hold back either haha. More photos the better

  4. Lovely job mate, I’m going to have to check this range out!

    • Thanks Alex, definitely suggest doing so! Ian who runs Fenris is a great bloke too, happy to support his work.

  5. I really like the earth/rust colour of the walls. Perhaps some foliage creeping up some of the walls ?

    • Cheers! Definitely a good idea, I’ll do that with some pieces for sure.

  6. Great looking walls – would have a lot of potential uses. Thanks for sharing Mikko.

    • Thanks Mark! They’re definitely worth getting, generic and useful.

  7. Very nice……mine are staying unpainted for now but even then make very nice background scenery on pics.

  8. Wow, those look really realistic! The added color gives a nice impression of lichen.

    • Thanks! I’m intending to add some flock or similar to some pieces to boost the effect.

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