They see me rollin’

January 18, 2019

The year’s first finished hobby project is gloriously simple: a dice tray. I’ve never considered dice trays to be all that necessary to be honest, but they do bring a satisfying neatness to rolling dice. I had been thinking of making one for quite a while, so when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped on that train (more like trayn, amirite).

Dice tray with Fate dice

The finished tray with some lovely Fate (Fudge) dice

The tray is a simple IKEA hack that has been around for quite a while. I bought an old RIBBA picture frame for 0,50 EUR from the local Reuse Centre, threw away the glass (plastic in the newer ones), ripped out the stand, pulled out those little tabs of metal that hold the backing board in place, added a couple of pieces of cardboard to bring the rolling surface up a bit and to cover the holes where the tabs used to be, glued a suitably cut piece of hobby felt in place with PVA, and what do you know, a neat little dice tray. All in all, it cost me exactly 0,50 EUR, as I got the felt from a friend – incidentally left over from her similar dice tray project.

I can now roll my dice with a satisfyingly muffled clatter. The tray ended up looking quite nice, although I’m thinking of decorating the corners with something suitable. The small size means that it’s actually quite convenient to take along to gaming nights. The tray has seen quite a bit of use already, as the early year has been wonderfully RPG-heavy.


  1. Very nice- I’ve built a similar one and have found it very useful.



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    • Thanks Pete! It’s a handy piece to have around and a very easy build, not bad qualities for a hobby project.

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  2. Looks sweet. It’s certainly a fun hack to do. I think we have 2-3, all in different colors for different people. I found some thin frames at Michaels that worked out really nice. Good rectangle shape. The muffled sound is great for late night gaming or whenever the toddler is napping. I also found them really useful for people who roll dice off the table all the time!

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  3. Thanks Mikko, a nice project and an idea worth borrowing.


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