What went down in 2018?

January 1, 2019

It’s a new year, yes it is! Another year behind us, and this blog is still going – not as strong as it once was but still happily plodding along with no signs of stopping. Must have been one of the most quiet years of the blog, averaging a neat one post per month. I’m not stressing over it, but I would like to blog more. Maybe that’s a new year’s resolution of sorts. I did paint a bit and do some other hobby stuff, although not as much as I would’ve wanted to. Home renovations, Emmi moving in and a new job in another city did cut into my hobby time quite a bit. Anyway, less grumbling and more positivity, so what did I do?

Painting numbers stayed low, but I did enjoy the things I did paint! I haven’t shown everything I’ve painted on the blog as they’re waiting for a suitable time to get a couple of photos. There were pirates, obviously:

Long John Silver by Slug Industries

Click for a larger version

Photo of pirate miniature blowing a kiss

Click for a larger version

And vampires, of all things:

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

The things I haven’t featured on the blog yet? Terrain pieces, a battlemech, some animals and a few more pirates and civilians. Any of these tickle your fancy, dear readers, and I’ll be happy to bump them up the blogging queue.

I did get in on some Kickstarters and was happy with all of them! I got a Spanish fort from Slug Industries, some lovely ruins from Fenris Games and some samurai animals from Bad Squiddo’s onna-bugeisha Kickstarter. All of them are obviously still unpainted, but I’ll get around to them. The fort I’m definitely planning to tackle in 2019, hopefully the rest too!

As the years go by, other people in the hobby become more and more integral to enjoying it. There’s a small, regular crowd that frequents this blog as I do theirs, and a shout-out is in order to the wonderful people running sho3box, Leadballoony, The Raft, Azazel’s Bitz Box and Imperial Rebel Ork – as well all the rest of the wonderful people who drop by to comment. Your contribution and interest is one of my main motivators for doing the whole blogging thing, so a heartfelt thank you for that. Meeting some of you in person have been hobby-related highlights of the year for me.

I visited a couple of conventions, too! By now Salute is a regular feature of my year, and this will happen next this year as well. I went to Crisis in Antwerp for the first time ever this year, and can heartily recommend it! It’s a great show and Antwerp is lovely too, so we turned the trip into a nice little romantic getaway. Check out Thomas’ post on Crisis 2018 for a great recap of the event. If you want a great convention in Europe without the bustle, hassle and high costs of London (for Salute), I definitely suggest giving Crisis a try.

All in all it was a very nice year! I’m surprised that the pirate project is still alive – it started in 2015 for crying out loud – and still my main focus.

Not to get too much caught up in the past, what’s in store for 2019 hobbywise? In no particular order:

  • Building and painting the aforementioned Spanish fort
  • Painting the little boats I just bought from Games of War
  • Painting more pirates and 18th century civilians
  • Finishing a few unfinished buildings
  • Building some jungle terrain pieces
  • Getting in some solo gaming (I just realised the other day that I miss it)
  • Blogging a bit more
  • Focusing less on the buying side and more on the painting side – one can always hope

That’s it, dear readers! Have a great 2019 and thanks for your support, friendship and other warm, fuzzy things.


  1. Happy New Year Mikko!

    • To you too Paul!

  2. Happy New Year! I love the year in review and the plans for 2019 – might have to work on that post for myself! Thanks for all the inspiration your blog has brought to me!

    • Thanks Eric! Happy to have provided inspiration, and do make a post like this, I think they’re quite fun to read – and it’s nice to do a little checking up of what the hobby year has included.

  3. Happy new year to you too mate, been great following you & really hoping to meet at Salute this year!!

    • Thanks Alex, we can do it for sure this year!

  4. Happy new year Mikko! Looking forward to reading about your endeavours & keep up the great work – I love your pirates!

    • And Hurrah! it seems my computer allows me to comment again!

      • Excellent! I’ve missed your comments already. Your pirate posts were one of my big early inspirations so thanks for that as well.

  5. Nice to have a round-up of the year and a glimpse of your plans for the coming year. I’ll be watching for the jungle and boats especially!
    All the best for 2019,

    • Thanks John! One of the boats is already underway, so hopefully I can show that off soonish. Enjoy 2019!

      • Thanks Mikko, I’ll look forward to seeing that! Just so you know, I don’t always get the option to “like” your comments/replies but I always read them (seems to happen on some sites for some reason)!

  6. People definitely do make the difference in the gaming and blogging community. Nice shout out to some good blogs. A few I knew, a couple new to me.
    I always love to see your newest additions to the pirate genre. Happy New Year!

  7. hyvää uutta vuotta! And love seeing your stuff! Best, Mark

  8. Happy New Year.



    • Happy new year Pete!

  9. Happy new year to you, looking forward to seeing your painted pirates later .

    best regards


    • Thanks Pete! Happy new year to you too 🙂

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