Blood Bowl-a-rama #3

October 20, 2011

Whew, no new posts for 19 days? This just might be a personal record. Sincere apologies to all dedicated readers of DotL, I’ll try to get up to speed as soon as real life eases up.

Our Blood Bowl league has been steadily rolling on, and my track record is starting to amount to a massive failure. While I’ve been breaking heads and limbs, after the last post half a year back, it’s been nothing but losses, losses and losses. The sole exception was a no-show against the Tzeentch Titans that was ruled a 0-0 draw. My record is something horrible, as it now reads as 1-6-2. Yes, that’s one win, six losses and two draws.

There is an upside though: in my eight actually played games I’ve come out on top in casualties in six. This of course means I’m the moral winner. I mean, those other pantywaist teams are actually playing ball in a game of Blood Bowl. Bah, humbug! Let them keep scoring their goals, my greenskins will continue punching them in the throat. Like that Khorne City Chiefs Juggernaut (minotaur), who was given a good seeing-to last night.

There are only three and a half models in my team left to paint – the half one being a goblin – so maybe finishing the Grinders would ease me back into painting…


One comment

  1. My first proper BB league was also played with orcs and with a similar record. I also tried to make myself feel better by counting casualties. It didnt work.

    Make sure to put up photos of the finished team when its done.


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