Electronic goodness

October 1, 2011

Some exciting and interesting news from the electronic gaming front.

First up is the piece of news that DoubleBear Productions is looking for some fresh blood to add to the development of Dead State. Remember this one? It’s the upcoming game that had me drooling over the keyboard and weeping tears of joy. Let’s hope they can get the game finished.  Click here for the full story.

Next is something that might – just might – interest a fair few readers of this blog: an 11 minute gameplay footage video from the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines game. It looks really, really tasty, and it’s obvious (even without the commentator) that the crew are pretty big Aliens geeks. Might this be the game to finally get me to buy new gaming hardware?

And last but not least something for the smartphone folks.  ZOMBIES, RUN! is a game designed to get you running, or if you already are, to add something to the often dreary daily/weekly/monthly jog. Their Kickstarter project has created roughly five times more money than they were asking for, so the game promises to be pretty excellent (despite the “brains” comment in the video bringing up alarm bells on the DotLOZDH test). I’m a sporadic jogger, and this might actually get me running a bit more. I’m sure a fair few gamers could do with more exercise, so this just might be the way to go. Be sure to check out the sales pitch video on the Kickstarter page, and support their project if you find it interesting.

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