DotL 50K

March 14, 2011

On March 13th Dawn of the Lead hit 50,000 views. What did I think?

My sincere thanks to all of my readers, regular and random alike. As random picks from Dawn’s history, you could go see some zombie commercials, Aliens & Predator humour, my tips on hooking a loved one on zombies, or even the post that started it all.


  1. Congratulations, deservedly so for a very good blog.


  2. Many congratulations, Mikko. It has always been a pleasure reading your blog.


  3. Thanks for the congratulations and compliments, guys!


  4. Heres to another 50,000 hits Mikko. Great work!

    (is the image originally from the Dino-Riders toy range I wonder?)


  5. […] exactly a year ago Dawn of the Lead hit 50 000 views. Now we’re at 100 000 – quite a […]


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