Zombie treats #4

October 6, 2010

Or rather, a singular zombie treat. The Left 4 Dead comic The Sacrifice concludes, and it’s as awesome as the first three parts. There’s a PDF download available too, so be sure to pick it up for reading again later.

Click to go to comic

And here’s an interview with the comic’s creators, in case you’re interested.


  1. As a new addition to the L4D universe, ok.
    But apart from that it is a pretty bad comic. I realize that this is a rather mercenary comic, but I felt it could have been a lot better.
    Thanks for posting it anyways, distracted me from my essays!


    • I really liked it, what bugged you? And no, not declaring you a heretic ūüėÄ


  2. I dunno, I felt the character development (which would arguable have been the best part) was very forced. The concepts were cool, the art was ok.
    I dunno, it just did not feel right.


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