From the painting desk #7

October 15, 2010

Bit slow with the updates lately, finally got something painted to show. My Predator project is well under way, my latest painted stuff includes three INAPs from Ainsty and a Copplestone Hunter Alien. The INAPs were basically basing jobs, except for the one where I tried to create a decloaking effect. Let me know what you think!

Ainsty INAPs

Click for a larger version

Copplestone Predator

Click for a larger version

Still struggling with photo lighting. I only recently noticed, that the two bulbs I have – which should be the same – are different. One has a much more yellow tone, which definitely sucks. Will have to get a replacement for that, and work with one for now. This shows especially in the INAP picture, where the single bulb doesn’t provide enough lighting. On a single model it’s no problem, as the Copplestone one shows.


  1. Take a look at this thread if you’d like some inspiration. I love your work so far by the way!



    • Thank you very much for the comment and especially the link! Lovely, inspiring stuff there.


  2. The whole lot looks great Mikko. The Copplestone guy is perfect The eyes are a good addition to the (by design) indistinct INAPs.

    The decloaking predator could have turned out terribly, but it didnt: it decloaking effect looks just right, very recognisable. It reminds me of the scene from Predator 2 when King Willy is about to be snuffed by the Predator splashing through the puddles. Thats a good thing.

    The only thing that I dont particularly like is the bionic gun arm on that model. I dont have any problem with the notion of Predators having cybernetics (the opposite in fact) but the drainpipe like weapon arm always looked a bit silly to me. The fact that the other hand is visible somehow compounds that aesthetic problem I think: it looks a bit like the figure has had its hand broken off.

    Really solid work overall. You really have got fully behind your AVP project.


    • Thanks a lot for the comments. I struggled quite a while with the decloaking thing, looking at reference pics etc. The clear resin is a real bastard, since with a regular mini you can just paint over a bit you don’t like. Here..well, good luck painting something clear again.

      Agree with you 100% on the arm. Again, the clear resin makes converting very difficult, so I just went with the silly Pringles tube thingy.


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