From the painting desk #6

October 5, 2010

Despite my veering towards Predators lately, I’m still adding to my Aliens Space Hulk project, which also naturally serves a more generic scifi-trooper project as well. The latest additions are two sentry guns by em4 (to be used as psychic barriers) and Kendra from Hasslefree. Kendra was originally purchased to be a werewolf, but her general appearance – pistol, fatigues, combat boots – made her suitably Colonial Marine-ish, while not rendering her unusable in her original role either. The model evokes a feeling of someone carefully moving to investigate a weird noise. In an Alien setting, this will no doubt lead to sudden death in the near future.

Click for a larger version


  1. Have just bought some predators from copplestone myself and hope to paint them this week, very nice figures and I must get myself some of those sentry guns.


    • I definitely recommend the sentries, very nice models, cheap as chips and paint up nicely.


  2. Very very close to the finish line with this project Mikko.

    Keep it up!


    • Two more sentry guns, and some sort of big gun and I’m all set! What an odd feeling…


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