Dawn of the Lead hits 5000

September 17, 2009

One milestone has finally been reached, as DotL received its 5000th visitor on Tuesday. Thanks, everyone!

A special mention goes out to fellow bloggers John of the Screaming Alpha and Bryan of Vampifan’s World of the Undead for their constant support during the whole existence of this site.

Like Kanye West would put it: “Dawn of the Lead is a good blog, and I’ma let you finish writing, but those two blogs are some of the best blogs of all time!”

The Foundry Hitmen review is coming. Seriously, it’s coming. I mean it.


  1. Congrats on the milestone, my friend! In my experience the vaunted “blogosphere” is mostly a gaggle of cretin dilettantes who whip out a few vapid posts nobody reads and then quit. Racking up the magic 5k puts you in the elite company of bloggers who actually have something to say and who say it well. Keep up the good work, let’ get started on your next 5,000!


  2. I’d like to add my own congratulations to you, Mikko. Well done, mate! I know exactly how you feel. A couple of weeks ago my own blog breached the 10,000 barrier, which personally staggered me that it came so quickly. I’m in my seventh month of blogging and I’m truly amazed at how my blog has taken off. What I particularly like about blogging is the support I’ve received from you and John at the Screaming Alpha. Although we are all writing very similar blogs there has never been any hint of rivalry, only support and good wishes. In a world of cynicism and negativity I find that especially heartwarming. I hope you pass the 10,000 mark real soon. I’ll do my best to boost your numbers.


  3. Thanks guys for the warm wishes and ceaseless support. Bryan actually mentioned exactly the thing I was going to bring up. While indeed we share a lot, there’s no competition nor rivalry. And why should there be? If either of you has already written a review that I agree with, for example, I’ll be happy to direct my readers there instead of simply rephrasing the review. With the circles being as small as they are, chances are they’ve already read it anyway.

    Now for that 10000 and ever onward!


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