Hunting pirates #3 – Goldilocks and the two sisters

August 16, 2020

This project keeps chugging forward, with not one, or even two, but three new finished pieces! With four models completed and eight more left, that means the project is already 1/3 finished, and I fully intend to close it out. I started painting these three while visiting my late dad’s birthplace, a 19th century farmhouse in North Karelia. Pretty fancy surroundings for a bit of painting!

Click for a larger version

On the left and right are the sisters. I was originally going to paint them with a stark black and white contrast, intending the lapels of the jackets to be black. It didn’t look nice enough, however, so on Emmi’s advice (which I happily misinterpreted) I went with a golden yellow instead, and was positively surprised by the end result. The vests, trousers, and boots were intentionally painted in my usual muted colours to further highlight the jackets. I used the same colours on both to tie them together. All in all, I think it resulted in a nice matched pair, much like I intended. The sisters Winter are ready to kick all kinds of 18th century pirate stern.

Click for a larger version

The model in the middle, that I pretty much ended up painting during the course of one evening, I dubbed Goldilocks on account of his lush blonde mane and matching moustache – somewhat reminiscent of Lord Flashheart. His role is that of the veteran of the group, and nothing says that better than brown. So, a lot of brown was applied to him in various shades. I did go with cream lapels, cuffs and pockets for a bit of a pop, and I like the combination. Painting the model was pretty smooth sailing, apart from him being one of these cases where I thought I’d cleaned him up before priming. There’s nothing quite like taking a file and some sandpaper to painted sections of the mini…

All three minis are from Black Scorpion, one of my favourite manufacturers of pirate minis. The sisters are resin, while Goldilocks is from the time that Black Scorpion still sold their minis in metal.


  1. Lovely stuff! I really like your colour palette – there’s plenty of different colors but they all work together. Especially the browns on Goldilocks work well, all the separate bits are easily distinguishable.

    That’s a very idyllic looking painting spot you’ve found! πŸ˜€ I’m really bad at painting on the go, I always try to take everything with me, “just in case”, and end up not using half of it.. That’s why in the rare cases I take the hobby with me on a trip I tend to stick with building.

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    • Thanks! While I originally started the pirate project in order to get to paint nice bright colours, I’ve found my palette moving in a more conservative, down to earth direction. What can I say, just some really nice tones available!

      I tend to take some painting gear with me on longer trips, but I definitely recognize the bit about them not getting used. Obviously I always forget something crucial – a lamp, Agrax Earthshade or white paint, oh well πŸ˜€

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  2. A very nice trio indeed! πŸ™‚

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  3. Hey Mikko, wonderful trio. Love the character that you gave them with your brush. Also happy to see the Karelia shot – I’m assuming it’s in the part that is still free from the Russian bear? I definitely need to get to see Finland before I die. SISU!

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    • Thanks Mark! Yeah, North (and South) Karelia are inside Finnish borders – the rest is appropriately called Russian Karelia. My grandparents from my mother’s side came from there, but I’ve never visited the places where they used to live, although I intend to!

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  4. Great looking models.

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    • Thanks mellis!


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