Hunting pirates #2 – Captain Beckett

July 28, 2020

The summer holidays have brought a bit of a lull to the blog, but I’ve been painting plenty. I’m especially happy to be showing off the first finished mini of my pirate hunters sub-project. As mentioned in the intro post, the model is “Joe Beckett” from theย 1775 Join or Die kickstarter, printed on my Photon. In my project I’ve cast him in the role of a sort of a mad dog: excessively violent, threatening, a little unnerving to his superiors. Possibly a bodyguard, definitely the “let’s cut that pirate until he tells us what we want to hear” guy. While he’s sporting a kind of a British army look, his double knives with brass knuckles and the scar running alongside his head lend him an extra air of menace.

Click for a larger version

I really liked painting this model, and I’d like to think it shows. Detail was nice and crisp, I love the character design and I’m very happy with the colour scheme. I wanted the model to look extra nice, so I spent more time than usual on blending and the like. The basing I chose is halfway between my pirates (grassy tufts) and civilians and other non-pirate types (flower tufts), representing how these renegade-ish pirate hunters are somewhere in between. As per the original model, he’s being called Captain Beckett for now.ย Army captain, obviously.

It’s nice to have this project rolling, and I’m prioritizing it for now, with the next two miniatures already about 85% completed. Better strike while the iron’s hot and so on!


  1. Love the clean lines!

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    • Thanks Eric! I tried to be as neat as possible, it really helps with these uniform types.

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  2. Very nice indeed! ๐Ÿ™‚ A lot of contrast in the colours and shading – sort of makes him look just that bit more sinister!

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    • Thanks John! The mini has that great almost vaudeville villain look to him, and I wanted to give him nice bright and clean colours for a bit of narrative contrast as well.

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  3. He is great- looks like a tough one.



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  4. Your attention to detail really paid off. The blending here is superb Mikko! Kiitos for sharing!

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    • Thanks for the kind words Mark, really appreciate it! More to come, too!

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  5. Looks really cool – got that Tom Hardy psycho cockney vibe about him… Nice!

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    • Cheers Alex, exactly what I was going for ๐Ÿ˜€

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