Finished stable

February 6, 2016

I’ve finished painting the Warbases stable shown in a previous post. I added a small crate and a barrel from Reaper’s Bones 2 set, kindly donated by my friend Joonas, plus some sacks from Ainsty. In the painting I went for a coloured, but severely weather-beaten look. The idea was that this used to be a nice little green stable with blue door frames back when this was still a respectable little town somewhere in the Caribbean. Now, with the addition of pirates and the lack of both horses and upkeep, it’s showing its age and is mostly used as a storage space.

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

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Click for a larger version

For a long time during the painting I wasn’t really happy with it, but to my great surprise it really came together in the end, especially with the basing. In its finished state, I quite like it! It has also in my mind confirmed that the quite simple and plain Warbases stuff can be made into very nice terrain pieces without too much work.

Comments appreciated! Also, because it would be crazy not to squeeze in a stable-related pun, here’s a great song from the 90s:



  1. That looks great, nice clean work.

    • Thanks Papa! Looking forward to making more.

  2. It already looked good when unpainted, and now it looks great. Who’s the guy in the red coat? With little work he may would look very hip in a Delaque necromunda gang…
    The song reminds me I never to grow up. When I grow up, I’ll be bacon!

  3. Stunning bit of terrain.

    • Thanks TMW! Now to get the rest to a matching quality…

  4. Very nice indeed – I do like a nice bit of scenery đŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Alex! I’ve always been a bit lazy with terrain, but apparently it can be quite fun đŸ˜€

      • Yeah, it’s a funny thing – I never fancy doing any myself, but it’s always fun when I do actually get around to it đŸ˜‰

  5. Thats really nice.

    Terrain often doesnt come together until the end I find. It can be demoralising before that. Im glad that it came together in the end.

    • Cheers Paul! Terrain painting can really be a psychological chore. It’s the same with some miniatures, too. They might look absolutely rubbish, and then you add that one particular layer of highlights or wash or something, and they pop.

  6. I love puns and love this song even more….Oh! loving the Pirates too!

    • Cheers Wayne! It’s an awesome song and has a fitting pun, what more could you ask for…

  7. Great job. The wood came out really well. What colors did you use to get that weathered unpainted wood effect?

    • I started with a dark brown basecoat (GW Dryad bark or similar), then unevenly stippled on a lighter brown. After that it was a heavy drybrush first with a light grey and then one with pure white. Very easy, and the end result is nice!

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