Stable building

January 25, 2016

Any pirate town needs buildings, as it would hardly be a town otherwise. I picked up a bunch of building blanks from Warbases to give my pirates places to live in. The Warbases building blanks are just that, blanks. They’re dead cheap, but there’s very little detailing or texturing. I ordered them as a sort of test: if I could make them look nice without too much work, it would be a great investment. If not, it wouldn’t be too expensive. To be exact, the stable block in this post isn’t part of the building blanks. There’s a bit more texturing and detail, but it’s still quite a simple build and at £6 very inexpensive.

I wasn’t really happy with the outside texturing, so I went to work with good old coffee stirrers. After covering all the walls, I used the excellent roofing slate strips from Warbases to add detail to the roof. As I wanted something extra, I hacked a hole into the roof (it was fairly easy as it’s quite thin MDF) before gluing it down and attached a few stirrers inside. When attaching the roofing strips I made sure to scatter some tiles around the hole, and the collapsed end result looks quite nice in my opinion.

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

I used cut-up matchsticks to build the door frames, and glued in the doors that came with the set. I carved the detail a bit deeper than the laser-cut originals to make sure it shows up when painted. The support beams in the front didn’t attach to the roof neatly enough to my taste, so I added some matchsticks to make them a little more sturdy.

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

The baseplate came with the kit, and I simply flocked it. Once the whole thing has been painted, I’ll add some detail next to walls such as barrels and meal bags. Looking to slap some paint on today, so we’ll soon see how it turns out! This also means that I might need to buy some more minis to go with it. A smith, maybe?


  1. It’s already looking nice without being painted! And I like the clever use of everyday materials.

    • Thanks Carlo! I’m hoping the paintjob turns out well.

  2. That is brilliant – nice work dude!

    • Thanks Alex! The basecoat is now drying, let’s see how it turns out painted.

  3. […] finished painting the Warbases stable shown in a previous post. I added a small crate and a barrel from Reaper’s Bones 2 set, kindly donated by my friend […]

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