Run out the baby guns!

June 30, 2015

Eventually, any project will suffer minor setbacks. I received my order of 6 cannon from Ainsty. Lovely, crisp castings, great detail…and far too small for my heroic-scaled ship. See here:

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

While it’s quite realistic in size, that’s very much the problem. I’m not at all faulting Ainsty, as the problem stems more from my massive ship – even with the base the cannon barely reaches over the side at the gunport. I’m going to need bigger guns, so I put in an order with Thomarillion for some more beefier guns:

Photo ©Thomarillion

Photo ©Thomarillion

Now, what to do with the six guns I already own? They will probably find employment in small coastal settlements, guard towers and such. I’m also thinking I might use some of them as very large swivel guns like shown below, what do you think? I feel it might work with a bit of converting.

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

That’s all for now! I’ll put up a post once the Thomarillion cannon arrive. Should someone arrive here looking for measurements for the Ainsty cannon, they’re

Length of cannon 30mm
Length of cannon + carriage 34-35mm
Height 15mm (highest point with level barrel)
Width of carriage + wheels 21mm



  1. Size Matters!

    • Indeed it does 😀

  2. Shame, nice guns too.

    • Not to worry, they’ll find use elsewhere!

  3. Works as a swivel gun. You just need something solid to attach them to – preferably something that swivels so it won’t break. Magnetics perhaps?

    • Maybe I could just build a swivel mount and drill it into the railing?

      • Yep, that would work fine also. With a bit of luck you will find a suitable one in a hardware store that fits the gun – take it with you to the store.

      • You could also make it from wire if you drill through the pins on the sides of the cannon so that you can pass the wire perpendicularly through the gun and then send both ends of the wire into the ship – might need to smooth out the bottom with some putty to make it round for a good swivel.

        • I’m thinking of doing something like this! I’ll show it if it turns out decent 😀

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