Foredeck work

June 15, 2015

The ship project is my first time working with coffee stirrers. It’s immensely fun and satisfying work, as the perfectionist in my rejoices every time I manage to make a nice, fitting angle. On that note I present to you my latest work on my ship’s foredeck.

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

The foredeck isn’t a very large part. The deck planking had plenty of holes for screws in it, so I filled those with ProCreate putty. While they don’t look very nice, once painted they blend in quite well. The lattice hatch was designed to open and drop action figures down into the hold. As obviously I didn’t want that to happen to my miniatures, I glued it shut. While the hatch itself looked fairly nice, it looked weird situated sort of under the deck planking. I added a rim around it, and I think this improved its look a lot. It was the most difficult cutting work so far, so you can imagine how happy I was when everything finally fit into place. I added a decorative piece (the foremost plank) to cover up the cut off peg that originally locked the hatch in place. I liked the look of the hatch hinges, so I left them in place. The belaying pins at the base of the mast can be pressed for awesome sound effects, so they’ll definitely be left in place. With this part done, the foredeck only needs a little more planking work and two more screw holes filled (oh my, that sounded somewhat inappropriate). After that it’s a bit more work on the hold and that’s it. I’m actually finishing this thing!


  1. Great stuff dude!


    • Thanks Bob!


  2. Progress is going well, look forward to seeing more.
    I have the same ship waiting to be put on my work station but I’m now inspired to start a skeleton ship and maybe even start my own blog! thanks


    • Great to hear that it has provided inspiration! Thanks for the comment and good luck with the blog!


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