From the painting desk #30 – Goblin

February 10, 2015

This is my 300th post as well as #30 in the From the painting desk series. It’s somehow appropriate that the mini in question is not some fancy-pants resin wonder, but rather a simple, humble goblin that I bought ages ago from Orc’s nest. The miniature itself is from 1995, so it’s a youthful 20. It’s part of my ongoing mini project, which you can check out in my two previous posts.

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

I’m really happy with the mini. It’s a very clean sculpt and was a wonder to paint. I spent more time on layering than usual (even if the photo doesn’t quite show it). The self-sculpted flagstone base turned out fine too, and I added some flock to represent moss creeping in between the stones.

I don’t know how many goblins I’ve painted green during my WHFB days, so painting one yellow was a welcome change. He turned out looking suitably nasty and dirty in that good old D&D goblin way. I look forward to finishing the rest of the band of misfits.



  1. Great job dude!


    • Thanks, appreciate it!


  2. Lovely piecem both sculpt and paintjob.
    Kev Adams?


    • Thanks! Certainly looks like a Kev Adams sculpt, so I assume it is.


  3. Nice job. The skin tone looks good.

    It certainly looks like a Kev Adams sculpt.


    • Thanks! For some reason that’s one of my favourite colours to paint.


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