Mini projects #2 – Sculpting bases

February 8, 2015

One reason I like these mini projects is that they are a great way to not only paint miniatures that have been sitting unpainted for ages, but also because they’re a great chance to try out something new. This time it was sculpting bases. I wanted my old school baddies to have flagstone bases to fit the D&D vibe.

The process was quite straightforward. I simply slapped some ProCreate putty on the base, smoothed it some and cut in some regular-but-irregular grooves for the flagstones. I then added some nicks and notches and used a small stone to press some texture into the putty. On some bases I left a few empty places for flock to represent flagstones covered in dirt or eroded. Surprisingly simple and effective!

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

The end result is fairly pleasing and I think it will look nice once painted. As usually happens with stuff like this, my technique improved the more bases I made, the first being the one on the bugbear (conveniently hidden in the photo) and some of the goblins having the last ones.


  1. Very nice work dude!


    • Happy with them myself, too! Thanks for the compliment.


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  3. […] in a cobblestone pattern. The technique was already familiar as I’d used it before on some monster bases. Once I’d baked the Fimo, I cut it into smaller pieces and glued it to the board with […]


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