From the painting desk #29 – Old lead

January 19, 2015
Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

As you can see, I finished my second miniature of 2015, the facehugger attack from Leading Edge’s old Colonists’ Last Stand. I freshened up my layering work, and the end result is a little less drybrush heavy than my previous effort. I painted the base to match the rest of my Alien-inspired scenery, and to make the egg and the colonist the focal points of the scene. I painted some of the tendrils on the base the same colour as the egg to better tie them together, and I’m fairly happy with how it turned out. I picked the fleshy colour of Aliens instead of the more yellow one of Alien for the facehugger.

I’m really happy that I finally finished the model. Not only is it a great sculpt, brilliantly capturing an iconic event in the Alien franchise, but it’s also a miniature from 1992. Just think about that for a while. When this model was popped out of its mould, I was ten years old. It was the year the Cold War officially ended, the European Union was founded, Yugoslavia fell apart, Denmark won the football European Championship and Bill Clinton was elected president. Neymar was born, Isaac Asimov died.

It’s now 23 years later, the world’s a different place, I’m all grown up and that miniature is finally painted. There’s something really cool about that.



  1. As much as any image of a man having his face reproductively assaulted can be cool, this is cool.

    Is the colonist more 25mm than 28?


    • “Reproductively assaulted” went to the top of my political correctness list.

      He is slightly larger than 25mm (and most other LE Aliens minis), and fits in well with 28mm.

      Thanks for the comment!


  2. Beautiful!


  3. Fun model and very nicely painted. It is always those strange scientists that are a bit to curious for their own good.


    • Poking your nose into weird, leathery objects is rarely a good call. Thanks for the comment!


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