From the painting desk #28 – The Witcher

January 9, 2015

In my previous post I showed off my Witcher conversion, and a mere four days later he is fully painted! Much like the conversion, this was a fairly quick and rough job, mainly to ease me back into painting and to produce a painted miniature in a decent amount of time.

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

I kept the palette quite muted, as Geralt (as the witcher character is called) is depicted as a sombre, battle-worn character. For the same reason I drybrushed the clothing fairly roughly to make them appear a bit more worn and dusty.

The eyes were a special case. The fiction reports that witchers – the mutants that they are – have reptilian eyes. Surprisingly I got the eyes painted on the first try, so better knock on wood! Naturally I don’t have the camera to show it off, so you’ll just have to trust me. I added some stubble and scars as per most descriptions of the character.

All in all, it’s not the prettiest of paintjobs, but still very serviceable. Seeing as he’s the first mini I’ve painted in some eight months, I’m happy enough with the plastic White Wolf of Rivia.


  1. I enjoy the empire militia box, I don’t play empire, but these guys turn up in conversions for cultists, inquisitors and guardsman. It’s a box full of inspiration.


  2. He looks great Mikko, thats a huge honking sword. It amuses me that he carries a second one, just in case that one isnt enough 😀

    I entirely agree with dave2718, the Empire Militia is a great utility set.

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    • Thanks Paul! There’s actually an explanation for the two swords: one is an ordinary steel one, used for chopping up people. The other one is silver plated, for all sorts of nasty creatures that aren’t bothered by steel.


      • I figured as much. I do like a badass who has put some thought into his badassery.

        I heard somewhere that Blade (the Marvel character) used to carry a hardwood (teak?) sword for staking vampires with. I cant confirm, but its a cool idea.


  3. […] Stand. I freshened up my layering work, and the end result is a little less drybrush heavy than my previous effort. I painted the base to match the rest of my Alien-inspired scenery, and to make the egg and the […]


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