From the painting desk #26 – Seeing red

April 30, 2014

Another miniature done! Not completely happy with my previous jaeger, I decided to pick a colour I was much more comfortable with – red. I went to work on another Reaper CAV miniature, Hawk. I wasn’t originally too impressed with the mini. I thought it was boring and looked like a generic Transformer. Nevertheless, I started painting it and slowly it grew on me. Now that it’s finished, I’m really happy with it. I spent more time than usual on layering and washes, and I hope it shows!

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

Inspiration for the colour scheme was another jaeger from Pacific Rim, Crimson Typhoon:


While I would’ve loved to add some fancy freehand detailing, I’m simply rubbish at it. I settled for a few yellow transfers that I painted over a little and added a few dots to make it more interesting, and I think it doesn’t look bad at all. This also stylistically ties it together with the first jaeger I painted. I would’ve loved to paint on some weathering, but in my game setting the kaiju action is only just beginning, and the jaegers have yet to face any – hence no battle damage.

With the first two jaegers painted, it’s time to tackle the first kaiju. Comments and constructive criticism always welcome!


  1. I really like it. It ties in with Crimson Typhoon surprisinglying well, despite the different configuration.

    It’s nice to see this project gaining traction 🙂


    • Thanks Paul! The project has reached that sweet spot where it’s close enough to being finished that progress breeds more enthusiasm and progress. I’m trying to get as much done as possible before it inevitably wanes.


      • Definitely time to get a kaiju or two battle ready in that case 🙂


  2. Looks great! Hard to beat the classic red with yellow accents. It’s a colour scheme that works very nicely with the grey colour of the base.


    • Thanks! That scheme really is hard to fail. It has got me thinking I should try something new every now and then…


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