From the painting desk #25 – Kaiju hunting

April 24, 2014

The first mini I’ve finished in a long, long time is a CAV mech, Spitfire, from Reaper Miniatures. My painting skills and patience had rusted a bit, but the end result is still reasonable. White is a pain to paint, and I could have done a better job here, but eventually I decided to just be (somewhat) happy with it and move on to another miniature. And hey, I now have the first painted mini for my Pacific Rim project.

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

I drew inspiration for the colour scheme from Tacit Ronin, a Mk. I jaeger inĀ Pacific Rim, which can be glimpsed in the film’s introduction sequence:


with the colour scheme nicely shown in this piece of concept art:


While painting the model wasn’t as fun as it could’ve been, finishing it sure was! The next one is already on my table and well on its way. This time I’m painting my favourite colour, red. I guess painting with your favourite colourĀ is the miniature painter’s comforting chicken soup.


  1. Lovely. A very Robotech/Macross vibe going on with the colours.


  2. Phenomenal!


    • Thanks, really appreciate it!


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