Size matters

January 23, 2014

So, my recent foray into the world of tiny miniatures continues. Remember a few posts back, when I said I would be doing Pacific Rim in 6mm or so? Oh, silly, silly me!

Why? Let me demonstrate. Below is a picture of one of my kaiju (an old, converted GW tyranid) standing next to a tall building in 6mm scale:

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

See? Pathetic. The kaiju and jaegers in Pacific Rim are massive creatures, around a hundred metres or so tall, which should make them about the height of a 30-story building. Since I want to use miniatures that are around 50-60mm tall, that means I need to make the buildings a lot smaller. Which I did.

After playing around with Photoshop and the office printer, I had this:

Click for a larger version

Click for a larger version

Now THAT looks like a kaiju. This puts my project firmly in the 2-3mm scale. Or as I used to refer to it before: “pffffft look at all the silly scales people game in, that’s ridiculous.” There are actually a lot of nice things about this scale. For example, I don’t really need to make any humans, nor any vehicles smaller than trucks. I can also buy airplanes, tanks, ships and the like for a pittance, paint them quickly and scatter them all over the battlefield to be used as thrown weapons or blunt objects. The small scale also means that printed cardstock terrain looks really nice, even if it’s just a collection of simple box shapes.

Also, apologies for the less than stellar photo quality. They’re just quick snaps without any lighting set up!


  1. I thought the first pic looked excellent- but then I saw the second!


    • Hahah, great to hear! I was down when I finished the first building and realized how big it was, so you can imagine my joy at the next try. Thanks for the comment!


  2. That’s a very small scale! You will have fun with all those tiny tanks and planes. You should find yourself a giant gorilla to go with them 😉 Check out this if you have not seen it before :http://sho3box.wordpress.com/tag/kaiju/


  3. What ARE you thinking for the trucks and ships?


    • I haven’t found a lot of civilian vehicles yet, but Pico Armor (www.picoarmor.com) has plenty of quality military vehicles available. There is stuff there that I can probably use, like transport trucks, jeeps and attack boats. I’m also going to have a look at some 1/600 kits for ships.


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