May 29, 2012

Crowdsourcing is a process that involves outsourcing tasks to a distributed group of people. This process can occur both online and offline, and the difference between crowdsourcing and ordinary outsourcing is that a task or problem is outsourced to an undefined public rather than a specific body, such as paid employees.

As a blogger, I have approximately two things I need to do: come up with ideas and write the actual posts. Unless I’m feeling particularly blank, the former isn’t usually a problem, and the latter I prefer to do by myself. However, there are times – such as today – when I’m thinking of doing something a bit bigger, and would definitely like some help and feedback. Instead of calling it “politely requesting”, I’m going to get all marketing-trendy and call it “crowdsourcing”.

What do I need it for? I’ve been thinking a long time of doing a Gaming the movie Aliens review. I’ve already covered the main players, the Aliens and the Colonial Marines in their respective reviews. What about the supporting cast? Here’s what I’ve got on an idea level (and what I currently think is needed):

Ripley – There are four or five variants that I know: Leading Edge, Hasslefree, Woodbine, em4 and at a pinch Copplestone.

Bishop – Leading Edge and Woodbine.

Burke – Leading Edge and Woodbine.

Gorman – Leading Edge and Woodbine.

Newt  – Leading Edge, Woodbine and Hasslefree.

Ferro – Leading Edge and Woodbine.

Spunkmeyer – Leading Edge and Woodbine.

Colonists  – Various, including Heresy, Hasslefree and Woodbine.

Sentry guns  – Leading Edge, Antenociti, Woodbine, em4.

Power loader – Leading Edge, Prince August, possibly Reviresco.

APC – Leading Edge, upcoming Khurasan, Old Crow, Scotia Grendel…

Alien Queen – Leading Edge, Horrorclix, Konami, ERM.

And now I turn to you. What am I missing, either as categories or models? Feel free to flood me with ideas, I’d rather select from a bunch than run dry. Do note that I’m only talking about Aliens here, not the entire quadrilogy – so Jones the cat and the rest are out I’m afraid. I’m also trying not to get into the whole scenics/terrain thing to keep this somewhat in check.

Dear readers, gimme all your lovin’. It’s much appreciated!


  1. Do you consider the Sulaco and the dropship environments (and therefore ignored) rather than props/vehicles? Or should they be included?

    What about alien eggs and facehuggers? I don’t remember if you’ve covered those.


    • The Sulaco is far too big to be added. I’m on the fence about the dropship though.

      Facehuggers were covered in the Alien review, but the eggs…hmm. I was thinking about them, and if enough people think they should be added, I’m all for it!


  2. Black Cat Bases do a set of multi part colonists, and Atenociti have some nice sentry guns. Grendel have suitable eggs.


    • Thanks Dave, will look into those!


  3. You may have reservations about the cardstock models, but for the price ebble labs apc and dropship can’t be beat! 😉
    I’ve only been building them for a few years now, but the most important lesson is they are not simple because they are paper! Take the time as you would for plastic and metal models and the results are quite nice! Felt markers cover most mistakes, and the artist, Chris Roe, makes them rather easy to put together…just don’t expect to be done in one night, expect a weekend! 😉
    Good solid list otherwise though!


  4. Gaming Aliens with the crew and troops of the Sulaco is cool for sure. While I want my figures to resonate with those characters, I cant help but want to provide alternatives for some of the more extreme characters in the force.

    Mainly its the wildly incompetent Lieutenant Gorman. While history is full of inept officers and the USCM would likely have its fair share I cant help but feel that a competent LT is something that should be available in games. They cant all have corncobs up their ass y’know?

    To represent a competent LT I have the:
    0018 Trooper Leader. Handgun. Cigar. Peaked fatigue cap

    He will get the same painting treatment as my bandaged Gripping Beast/Woodbine Gorman, whenever I eventually get around to painting them.

    A little off topic maybe, but thats crowdsourcing for you 😉


    • Off topic, on topic, who’s counting 😀 I really like that model, and in fact I’ve painted him a long while ago – way back in 2009: https://dawnofthelead.com/2009/05/02/from-the-painting-desk-2/

      It really is a bit unfair for the poor marines to have such an inept leader, but hey…such is life! Or death, rather.


  5. Terrrain models are important. You need labs and industrial looking terrain. If recreating Aliens then you need to recreate the look of the “Shake and Bake” operation they have going there. Senarios start and end at verticals (stairwells or elevators).

    You might also want to consider scenario design. If Spasky fights off the aliens then the scenario short circuits because the dropship becomes available. If the players know you are following the script they won’t make a run for a rendevoux but will play conservatively knowing it will never come. The movie and any game therefore become dependent upon Bishop and/or Spasky remaining alive.

    I’ve got the woodbine stuff but I haven’t painted it up yet. I have Kryomec aliens which work for me. I had a bunch of Leading Edge Aliens but I sold those off. Too small and the rediculous asking money for them on EBay allowed me to buy a lot more other stuff.

    As for terrain models, one thing you won’t find (at least not acceptably in my experience) is the Alien hive. I am yet to find anything cheap enough that also looks good. Recreating that is quite hard I think: http://images.wikia.com/avp/images/8/84/Hive_Webbing.jpg However if you get it right it would mark your talents as a gamer with distinction!


    • Thanks for the insightful comment, Pete. The terrain question is relevant, but currently I’ve decided to leave it out of the review. Mainly this is because I want to keep it somewhat manageable. With characters and equipment it’s still pretty easy, but once it starts branching out to terrain and scenics (with the exception of clearly Aliens-inspired stuff like eggs), it’s going to blow up.

      A future post on Alien terrain wouldn’t go amiss though.


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