From the painting desk #2

May 2, 2009

As time goes by, I find myself painting less and less for gaming purposes and more for painting’s sake. For me the best aspect of the hobby is probably the part where I get all excited about some new genre or line of miniatures (which will take years to paint), start a modeling project (that never gets finished) or buy a new rule set (that gets played a few times). Of course I still buy miniatures with the idea that they’ll be used in one game or the other, but I always seem to skip the whole gaming part. Hence, I have a ton of unpainted SWAT for those eventual massive zombie apocalypse games, a fair amount of near future troopers and Horrorclix Aliens for gaming the whole Aliens vs. Colonial Marines scenario, not to mention cops, bikers, terrorists, bank robbers, werewolves, vampires, dragons and whatnot. The fact that I have all these unfinished projects naturally doesn’t stop me from adding to them whenever some new models catch my fancy. Happily, though, I find that I’m not really alone with this situation. Seems that at least every other miniature enthusiast shares the problem(?) of a massive backlog of unpainted lead. Oh well, at least I’ll have something to do when I retire in 40 years or so.

With this introduction, here are the lates minis I’ve painted. You can click on the pictures for a closer view, but in all honesty my level of painting doesn’t really encourage such a thing. You have been warned.

The first is a lieutenant from em4 miniatures for my unit of modern/near-future troopers. These guys serve a double duty as both Colonial Marines dying at the claws of xenomorphs and generic military for trying to contain zombie outbreaks and ending up as nom. They’re clothed in simple urban camouflage gear to suit either of these settings.


Click for a larger version

The second model is a female from Foundry. She could be used for a lot of things. A corporate bodyguard, a businesswoman-turned-survivor, an assassin, a bank robber? I like how the model turned out, especially the face and the red of the clothing.

Babe with gun

Click for a larger version

I’m happy with both models, and they were a joy to paint. Both were simple, clean and crisp sculpts with well defined detail. Regardless of whether they’ll ever see any gaming use, they’ve already justified me buying them.

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