Blood Bowl-a-rama #12 – The Coach

March 24, 2012

It’s time to present to you the coach of the Drakwald Ravens, Nekromantti Ruuminen. As is apparent to my Finnish readers, he is based on Antti Muurinen, the former head coach of the Finnish national football team. I named my coach in a spot of Finnish punning, and his Finnish name translates as “the necromancer Corpsy”.

Ruuminen has built a reputation for solid positivity in our Blood Bowl league. It should be no surprise, as this is what his real-life counterpart looks like:

That open smile, that wonderful moustache!

After the games, he tends to spout lines such as

Against an opponent like that, a tie can be seen as a victory, as can a narrow loss. Even a crushing loss, such as today, should be seen as a positive learning experience, and as such, a victory.

Coming up with a suitable model to represent him on the sidelines was a grueling task. You wouldn’t think so, but it was. Out of sheer curiosity, how many smiling human miniatures do you own? Check it out, you might come away empty-handed. I did, at least. I spent a good while browsing through different manufacturers’ catalogues, thought about sculpting my own, asked around on forums and was left with no great solution to the problem. The few smiling miniatures were stylistically unsuitable for my uses.

Finally I happened to notice a model that was sitting on my desk. It was one that I received from fellow blogger Sho3box as part of one of our trades. The model was that of a man dressed for a wedding, about to pull a gun from inside his jacket. Now, it’s a cool miniature and there’s even a matching bride, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how I could best use him.

A bit later I had my coach. I used ProCreate putty to add the all-important moustache and to turn the mini’s fairly gruff expression into a smile. I sculpted the pistol grip he was holding into a handkerchief, and that’s pretty much it. I did a very quick job on him, and painted his eyes larger and more cartoony than usual. He came out looking like a kindly magician from a kids’ movie. Not my smoothest or neatest paintjob at any rate, but still: great success!

Click for a larger version

I can’t keep myself from posting a song relating to Muurinen/Ruuminen. It laments the coach moving on. The chorus says:

“Wind, blow to where my walrus lies, play a moment with his moustache! Tell him of my love, tell him how I miss him, tell him that I’m still waiting.”

The song, a parody of this one (go ahead, treat yourself to some quality Finnish pop music – English lyrics included!), has become something of a running joke in our Blood Bowl games. Quite deservedly so.



  1. Class act had many good hours playing blood bowl.


    • Indeed, GW’s best game ever.


  2. The Blood Bowl background is full of puns and similar wordplay so its fun that you have taken it to heart. Part of the fun of regularly playing the same game with the same opponents is the running jokes and the like (I still cant see an Eldar Striking Scorpion miniature without the urge to break into song. A bad, bad song). It sounds like you guys are having a great league.

    Nice work on the miniature: it looks eerily like Mr Muurinen.

    I am glad that you got some use out of the figure. I ended up with two of those bride and groom figures sets as part of a Black Cat Bases promotion that coincided with the royal wedding in the UK last year. I figured that I might get around to painting up the duo for zombie games, but there was no way that I would ever end up painting two sets. Its cool that you got some use out of one of them at least.


    • You’ve really piqued my curiosity with the Eldar thing 😀 Thanks for the miniature, it turned out surprisingly useful!


      • “You’ve really piqued my curiosity with the Eldar thing”

        Its not big or clever and it definitely isnt a sophisticated play on words, but when people burst into the chorus of this whenever the word “scorpions” was mentioned (about ten times a game), I couldnt help but laugh (and sing for that matter). Try it some time if you dont believe me.

        Christ. That video is a sanctimonious, pompous and deluded load of ball-ache isnt it?


  3. That link didnt work. Youtube Scorpions Winds of Change if you feel like some audio torture.


    • Aahah 😀 I can completely relate. Striking Scorpions will never be the same, thanks! I’d love to play a game with you guys some day.


      • An international gaming meet is certainly possible at some point. You are very welcome to visit my place any time that you are in the vicinity Mikko.

        I have traveled to play games many times over the years. Although I would not enjoy visiting GWHQ to play 40K these days, I have many fond memories of those trips.

        I am off to Salute (London) with a gaming buddy in three weeks. I dont know if we will play any games or just look at all of the lovely stuff, but I have little doubt that we will have a few good laughs.

        While its important not to let gaming sessions degrade to the extent that the games dont get finished or take far too long, the next most important emphasis for me has always been social: to have a few giggles. Some of the funniest days of my life have taken place over gaming tables. Singing Scorpions songs may not be the most highbrow way to do it, but it gets the job done 🙂


        • Thanks for the welcome! Visiting Ireland has been on my bucket list forever, I think from listening to the Dubliners when I was six or so, and this just might give me an extra incentive to actually do so. I was actually going to go to Salute this year, but I’m in Malaysia at the time.

          The social aspect of gaming is a must for me as well. That’s why the BB league has been such an excellent experience so far.


        • Salute is cool and all that but a trip to Malaysia > trip to Salute.

          Maybe next year. Enjoy Malaysia.


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