More hive accessories – Aliens game board update #4

March 20, 2012

Work on the board is progressing steadily. Since the last post I’ve managed to complete five more obstacle pieces for the board. Shown below are four normal, one square filling obstacles.

Click for a larger version

The first one is a collection of beads and hardware store goods. The second one is a hollow wall anchor (as shown in the previous post). The third one is a container from Ainsty. It has been heavily alienized with conduit tubing and insulation paste. The fourth one is a small container from Ainsty. It has been left clean, as some parts of the reactor room will be relatively free of infestation.

The fifth piece I’ve completed is a large obstacle covering four squares.

Click for a larger version

I have no idea what it is. It’s built out of a toilet bowl cleaner bottle cap, two wooden IKEA furniture pegs and two small beads. It looks scifi-ish enough I think. I was even adventurous enough to try some OSL when painting it. I tried to convey the look of emergency/alarm lights, and I think it came out ok.

Comments, criticism, new ideas? Hit me!


  1. These look really good, the ribbed plastic tubing looks very alien-esque.


    • Thanks, I agree about the tubing. It really makes a difference.


  2. I like them all, except for the second one from the left in the top photo (the wall anchor). It still looks a little too much like a “found object” to my eyes.

    It might well look fine viewed top down from a couple of feet away in the context of the board, but in the interest of constructive criticism, I think that it looks a little off.

    Maybe a couple of obviously 28mm scale sci-fi panels or terminals or keypads or something might do it.

    The bottle top with the Ikea dowels looks unexpectedly good considering the sources. Its not the best angle to see the OSL, but from what I can see it looks good. Maybe the next one could feature yellow beacons. There are a lot of yellow beacons in the Queen sequences of Aliens, and the yellow light is very suggestive of the movie to my eyes.

    Keep going, the finished board is going to be great.


    • Thanks for the honest comment! The found object aspect is there, I agree. The piece however works pretty nice when contrasted with the half-alienized one shown in the previous post. I think the contrast between the two tricks the viewer a bit. I’ll be sure to add some more alien goo next time, though!

      Love the idea about the yellow beacons, so that just might make an appearance later!


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